@ Clanbase Opencup Premier Spring 2009
@ Clanbase Opencup Premier Spring 2008
@ Clanbase EuroCup XXIII
@ ESL Major Series II (200€ prize)
Top 4 at SAGE LAN (1-3 July)
Top 4 at Clanbase EuroCup XXII
Top 4 at Clanbase EuroCup XX

@ Clanbase 5v5 Wintercup Premier 2010 - Sleeperz
@ ESL 6v6 Instant Cup #14
@ ESL 6v6 Instant Cup #20
@ ETBS #1 cup
@ business district 6v6 cup
@ Authentic 6on6 2daycup
@ Pirate-Gaming 5v5 cup
@ re-play 6on6 cup v2
@ re-play 6on6 cup v3
@ Warleagues Premier Chaos
@ re-play Premier cup
@ ESL Major Series II Qualification
@ sun-cup 6on6
@ sun-cup v2 6on6
@ sun-cup v3 6on6
@ The ET Xtream Cup by Decerto
@ Synt3r 6on6 1daycup
@ re-play 6on6 cup v4
@ ESL 6v6 Instant Cup #19
@ Frag Theatre 6on6 cup
@ ESL 6on6 New years NightCup 6
@ EVU 5v5 cup - Sleeperz
@ IKS 6on6 1daycup

Top 9 at Clanbase EuroCup XXI
Top 10 at CC5
Top 12 at Clanbase EuroCup XVIII
Direct invite to Clanbase EuroCup XXIII

Serbia Lazio
United Kingdom Griim
United Kingdom w3st
Norway Eirik
Poland Homer
Switzerland DabSter
Estonia euruz
Netherlands BuLL
Estonia hell
Sweden rat
Hungary Nonix
Estonia al
Estonia Indu
Denmark xcN_
Netherlands Plu172
Germany duKe_
Netherlands Zak
Netherlands Kitty
United Kingdom Tardler
Estonia Sinnu

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who is zzz
Sleeperz zZz
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http://davegay.com, #Sleeperz