Group C at CPC 2 - Belgium zerobarrier
sent Sweden zeroPoint home at CDC 2 - Belgium zerobarrier

Quote"Predictable perhaps for three out of four. However zeroPoint who placed second at shgOpen and Eurocup are all but out of the competition having lost to zerobarrier by four rounds to none. zeroPoint were nothing short of awful for a team with such history and reputation, zerobarrier were irresistible. Zerobarrier have caused a stir in their RTCW and ET history and this was another chapter in their book. Unless zerobarrier beat onesoldier and zeroPoint then beat one in a decider game then they are on their way home! TosspoT at CPC 2"

Crossfire PrizeFight LAN #2
Belgium mesq
Belgium lio
Belgium snot
Belgium ziff
Belgium dNzl
Belgium zeto

27 Febraury '07 vs defs 4-0 (Qualifier)
13 April '07 vs el vigorZ 4-0 (groupstage)
13 April '07 vs zeroPoint 4-0 (groupstage)
14 April '07 vs onesoldier 2-2 (groupstage)
14 April '07 vs Impact Gaming 2-4 (Winnerbracket 1)
14 April '07 vs v&e 2-4 (Loserbracket 1)
The One And Only Zerobarrier
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