Europe pLug&pLay Records is the Movie Foundation of Germany pWend!!! Entertainment and is especially intended for creating Enemy Territory Movies. Although Europe pLug&pLay is not only Movies about Frag-Highlights, means that Trickjump Movies are included as well!

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FragHighlight - Section
Germany mUnduS
Austria Erzengel
Austria v1ech

Trickjump - Section
Germany Adornit
Germany bNoo

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Germany RedfoXx

Adornit[/b] - Halfbeat Trickjump vol.3]
Publisher: Europe plug&play Records
Resolution: 1024x768
Lenght: 9:48 min.
Codec: ffmpeg

9th-Dimension[/b] - actio & reactio]
Publisher: Europe plug&play Records
Resolution: 1280x960
Size: 625 mb
Lenght: 22:32 min.
Codec: x264
Download: here

xXx[/b] - blAsTed]
Publisher: Europe plug&play Records
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 330 mb
Lenght: 11:57 min.
Codec: x264
Download: here

p&p[/b] - ET:QW-PRclip]
Publisher: Europe plug&play Records
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 55 mb
Lenght: 1:23 min.
Codec: x264
Download: here


electriz': When did you start trickjumping?
|Adornit|: It was around end of 2006, but I'm not sure about the exact time.

electriz': Did someone tell you about trickjumping, or you found information that TJ exist and you started it?
|Adornit|: I had a teacher, who explained me the basic stuff about trickjumping - it means, he started with: come on, try to move your mouse in a circle at startjump . Compared to the level atm, he wasn't good. And as i started trickjumping all jumps in ikkigammas weren't possible - hours over hours: fail, fail, fail and no improvement.

electriz': You said that u had a teacher. Can you tell me what was his nick or its a secret
|Adornit|: He isn't a well known trickjumper and imo he dont jump anymore - so it would be useless, to tell you the name. But I had later really good teacher - for example: nue, roar, abc, ownage, tc (and some more).

electriz': Why did you choose hb? Do you think that it is high skilled than strafe? Or do you think that it is easier than strafe?
|Adornit|: Well, totally crazy showed me first time how jumping in halfbeat looks - and I was like: "omg what is it" . He teached me hb and I had more practice in it, than improving my "singlebeat" skill. Some ppl say, that hb is for the lazy trickjumpers, because you don't need to move your mouse that much - who cares Imo you are able to do nearly all jumps with both styles.

electriz': Which clan is the best in your opinion?
|Adornit|: I don't like any clans or communities, after I had some bad experiences with it - you can also have fun in trickjumping without being a clanmember - and btw this tag in front of your name wont make you better.

electriz': Are you going to make some new movies on youtube?
|Adornit|: Sure, I would do, but to be honest, I am not able to make the editing for my videos on my slow laptop (I don't have a good PC) - all videos which are released from me, had an editing from different other ppl (thx to ocean, tommy and destiny). So if a skilled videomaker would like to create a new one together with me, I would be happy.

electriz': Now I think that equtj server is the most popular trickjump server and we can see there a lot of pro jumpers. Will you keep server alive?
|Adornit|: I had some troubles in the last weeks and I don't like, how some ppl act and behave in the trickjump community, so its not always easy to keep the server running, if you know, that some ppl wont show any respect for your invested time, nerves and at least money. I mean the nice and funny moments are still there, but they are a bit rarely in the last time. And it should be possible, that they behave like nice guys or girls, because it isn't a place for flaming and hating like on the most fragservers.

electriz': And last question, what do you think about trickjumping in future?
|Adornit|: Enemy Territory in my opinion is not the top game for a lot of young ppl - there are new games with higher quality graphics and more reality feeling - so ET will loose many ppl in the near future - maybe trickjumpers stay longer, than the guys and girls who like to frag ... I'm not sure.
May im allowed to make some advertising in the end
electriz': hah sure
|Adornit|:On equtj are ppl welcome, who have fun in jumping and who are able to communicate in a proper way. Btw our new site is

electriz': Thats all, thank you
|Adornit|: Thank you too
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