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° ET 8bits.FiF Green Achievements:

Clanbase 5v5 Summercup 08
Clanbase 6v6 EuropeLadder since 16 May 2008
Enemy Territory 6on6 EMS Pre-Relegation
Freshcore 6v6 Cup
BunkerGaming 6v6 Bunker Cup
ESL 3v3 Instant Summer Cup
SW 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2008 Premier League
SW 3v3 OpenCup Spring 2008, Second League

° ET 8bits.FiF Yellow Achievements:

BunkerGaming 6v6 Bunker Cup
Winner of Warleagues season X
SW 3v3 OpenCup Champions Third League

° COD4 Team Achievements:

Warleagues Primary Chaos Call of Duty 4 cup

° Warsow Team Achievements:

ClanBase Ladder Europe (iTDM 2v2)
Warcho Cup - Nowelle (#2)
Warcho Cup - La Fiesse'du'travail (#3)
Newsow cup #3 (cryptz)
Newsow cup #2 (cryptz)
ClanBase OpenCup 1v1 Div 5 (cryptz)

Netherlands CDC IV: 7th out of 16 with 8bits gaming ([/i] 8Bits FiF Green)[/i]

Netherlands CC5: 5th out of 24 Teams with 8bits gaming ([/i] 8Bits FiF Green)[/i]

image: balk


Germany 8bits|SkyDriver
Germany 8bits|Oldman
Germany 8bits|essAh

8Bits Squads

Benelux 8Bits FiF Green

Belgium Worm
Belgium Jere (c)
Belgium siL
Netherlands ins
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands vaNq

Belgium spiROZE
Netherlands BarBon
Netherlands Freedune

image: balk

Benelux 8Bits FiF Yellow

Belgium iMmi (c)
Belgium Alvo
Belgium pHILLE
Belgium artifexx
Belgium Gringoe
Belgium wOeTrE
Belgium boire
Belgium Foxybot
Netherlands KoRaL

image: balk

Benelux 8Bits FiF Red

Belgium Frauwe (c)
Belgium nAzty
Netherlands Eddo
France sword
France DrTank
Germany Skydriver
Poland cisy

image: balk