November 2007 - May 2010 Poland REBELLION
This clan played under tags MGC's: France Freshcore, Poland team.OVERCOME and Germany Impuls Gaming e.V.

Thanks to everyone who played in this clan, helped and supported us. They were beautiful moments that each of you will remember for a long time. At least I hope. [/i]

Yours sincerely, phase


» in ESL Europe 6on6 Ladder
» in ESL 6on6 Summer Instant Cup
» in #fail.cup 3on3 One Day Cup #1
» in ESL Europe 3v3 Ladder
» 3/4 place in pTT gaming Poland ET 6on6 Cup
» 4th place in CB 3on3 Poland Ladder
» 6th place in Evu-Cup #5
Impuls Gaming
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