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Germany reign
Germany Andreas F.
Germany Kampfteddy
Germany denn1z
Germany 0nk3l
United Arab Emirates waldek


Germany alhric
Germany joker

even older and more dead lineup:

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Germany gren
Germany Amateur
Germany stz[/hide]

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current business as usual lineup:

Costa Rica Gungy
Fiji PaRzi
Germany kNocHe
Finland Thomm
Germany wsk [mvp] & [blp]
Estonia infi
Wales Panda

Netherlands dezire

Germany HansoO
Portugal maggot
Germany cop
England kipster
Germany iiky
Austria mia
Costa Rica gungy


Germany AuroraAngel
Germany Scatman

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the bd ts mixxing guys and girls:

Germany alhric
Germany nakertaa
Germany tIMEN
Germany HansoO
Germany iiky
Portugal maggot
Germany feanor
Germany aNdiii
Spain HotShots
Germany Timestop
Anonymous Rorschach
Austria Mia
Germany duKe_
Germany kipster
Netherlands dezire
Germany w0nd3r
Anonymous Rockskin
Germany bow

and all bd members

playing mixxes almost every day and many nights!

To honour one of the best players around here: Netherlands Rockskin, you are long forgotten you </3

ESL Freizeitliga 6on6 Winter 07/08 Gruppe C
Having fun since 2003