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Line up :

image: FR Boc (PSG addict)
image: FR WebsharK (Leader - "Personne m'ecoute :<")
image: BE Steelkin (Bernardo, a friend of zorro)
image: FR Daem (crossfire lad's, was high is low)
image: FR Kali / Pilou (favourite panzer target)
image: pk Mr Wh!te (Human bomber)
image: BE crypt0 (rifle bot)

image: FR Kyzz (leet)(get your computer fixed and dump your gf so you can play again >.<)

And more friends...

Our palmares is too impresive for be here, soz' lad's[/u]
Contact information

http://forward.vpnix.be/index.php, #Forward.et

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