FatGames is primarily a hosting company, but has recently decided to expand and develop an affiliated multigaming clan, which will be in close co-operation with the hosting company. Currently Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 4 SD, Call of Duty 4 DOM/SAB, Call of Duty 1 and Call of Duty 2 is featured, but will be supporting other games in the future. Just like every serious gamer, we aim to thrive in this scene and be competitive, with the mission of expanding our company's reputation. The sponsorship of these teams reflects our commitment to the gaming scene, which has fed into the entire company. Regarding Enemy Territory, many claim it to be a dead game, however we believe in the teamwork involved in playing this game, which even after so many years still shows the great and unique fundamentals of this game.

team.fatgames.eu (Online)

FatGames Crew[/u]

image: gr-1 Jim (Chief Executive Officer)
image: be-2 Mactox (Chief Executive Officer)
image: be-2 NawoR (Chief Executive Officer)
image: be-2 Krosan (Chief Executive Officer)

Call of Duty 4 Team [/u]

image: be-2 Gevers (Team-Leader)
image: be-2 gig
image: be-2 Ctaz
image: be-2 Assgrass
image: be-2 ImpulseEE
image: be-2 kyychu

Call of Duty 4 Sabotage Team [/u]

image: nl-2 pandabeer (Team-Leader)
image: uk-1 funky
image: uk-1 krip
image: uk-1 Shard
image: nl-2 koekebakker
image: nl-2 NeoK
image: nl-2 xzibition
image: uk-1 zoltan

Call of Duty 2 Team [/u]

image: nl-2 dommel (Team-Leader)
image: nl-2 Matje
image: nl-2 nytro
image: si-2 Sk1LL
image: nl-2 yzRz
image: nl-2 ZORRO

Call of Duty Team [/u]

image: nl-2 REAZZIOU (Team-Leader)
image: nl-2 MITTA
image: uk-1 osiRis
image: nl-2 razorboy
image: nl-2 thalidom1de
image: nl-2 viper
image: nl-2 vivAx

Enemy Territory Team [/u]

image: nl-2 twnzyy (Team-Leader)
image: de-2 asmoji
image: de-2 ohzor4
image: de-2 scatman
image: be-2 viX
image: be-2 emzii
image: be-2 Prydz

Next Event [/u]


Last Events [/u]

» image: be-2 FRAG-O-MATIC 11.0 (CoD4)
» image: nl-2 Crossfire Challange 5 (CoD4)
» image: it-1 The Gameland 2008 (CoD4)
» image: be-2 FRAG-O-MATIC 10.1 (CoD4)

Achievements [/u]

» CoD4 FRAG-O-MATIC 11.0 - 2009-2-20
» CoD4 Crossfire Challange 5 - 2008-12-12
» CoD4 The Gameland 2008-12-6
» CoD4 FRAG-O-MATIC 10.1 - 2008-9-26
» CoD4 DOM OpenCup Fall 2008-12-3
» CoD4 SAB OpenCup Fall 2008-12-1
» CoD4 SAB OpenCup Spring 2008-6-9
» CoD4 DOM OpenCup Spring 2008-6-28
» CoD4 TDM OpenCup Spring 2008-6-8

» image: cup_silver CoD2 TDM Clanbase OpenCup 2006-02-10
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 CTF Opencup 2006-07-16
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 TDM OpenCup 2006-07-27
» image: cup_gold CoD2 Gamecon.ie S&D 3v3 Lan 2006-10-21
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 TDM OpenCup 2007-02-20
» image: cup_silver CoD2 CTF OpenCup 2007-02-24
» image: cup_bronze CODQCup January 2007-02-31
» image: cup_silver CoD2 Hate eSports CTF Season III 2007 - 2007-03-21
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 Level 7 Finnish Lan 2007-04-14
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 TDM OpenCup 2007-07-08
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 CTF EuroCup XVI 2007-11-25
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 TDM OpenCup 2007-12-16
» image: cup_gold CoD2 Opencup 2007-12-16
» image: cup_silver CoD2 SD Eurocup XVII 2008-06-06
» image: cup_silver CoD2 CTF OpenCup 2008-06-25
» image: cup_bronze CoD2 CTF Opencup 2008-06-25

» image: cup_bronze CoD UO CTF Clanbase Summer Cup 2005-09-31
» image: cup_gold CoD UO CTF Clanbase Spring Cup 2006-06-22
» image: cup_gold CoD:UO CTF OpenCup 2007-02-19

» image: cup_gold Quake II iTDM Clanbase Spring Cup 2004-06-02
» image: cup_gold Quake II iTDM Clanbase Fall Cup 2004-12-22
» image: cup_bronze Quake II iTDM Clanbase Spring Cup 2005-09-31
» image: cup_silver Quake II iTDM Clabase Fall Cup 2005-02-05
» image: cup_bronze Quake II iTDM Clanbase Spring Cup 2006-09-27
» image: cup_gold Q2 iTDM OpenCup 2007-03-01
» image: cup_silver Q2 iTDM OpenCup 2007-07-01

» image: cup_gold wSw Clanbase iDuel ladder 2006-10-05

Sponsored By[/u]

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