Playing as a girlssquad

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Dont try to act smart. It's not that many other guys tried to tell us he is female - just to get an invite to this clan or op on U will never be opped in this channel/invited to this clan as long as u are "proud" owner of a dick.

Facts about girls:

1) Yes, girls can bear more physical pain then guys. (And theyneed to)
2) Most of the girls prefer shaved guys
3) Girls wont find u cool when u act tough
4) Never hurt a girl, she might pay back (and yes, girls put more effort into a payback)
5) Girls are underrated in everything
6) Girls are able to multitask
7) Girls never go somewhere without informing themselves about the place where they wanna go
8) Girls get more confident with growing age
9) Girls either want ur money or ur looks, but most of the time they want ur love
10) Nowadays girls work for their own money. (Yes, we´re past the middleages..)

Facts about boys:

1) Guys are good for money only (wait.. we just stated that girls earn their own money... ah but the stupid guy can pay still)
2) If the guy refuses to pay he is good for cock only (Yes, he isnt able to think about anything then Sex anyway)
3) Guys pretending they love u mostly want ur body (as long they´re young)
4) Guys like backstabbing/cheating when young
5) Guys get more valuable with growing age (but watch out, guys remain always kids somehow)
6) Guys love to spend their money on senseless stuff like [insert random machine running with a motor] that makes everything dirty
7) Guys claim to be able to repair EVERYTHING but they have no clue about how to wash their dirty clothes
8) Guys forget birthdates and buy christmas presents on the very last day possible (ignoring the hints u gave them, but hey, they dont want to hurt u. They simply cant remember ur hint!)
9) Guys are able to park-in cars correctly and fast (yes, unlike girls..)
10) Guys claim to make everything better then a girl.

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