image: smallcup Kicked from the OC 3on3 Spring 2008 because of being too high for the small brains of Zell and NawoR

image: smallcup 1on1 Cup hosted by CB
4th UnderCity Cup
5th #enemyterritory.cup #2
6th Silesia Game Festival 2007 (LAN)
7th PifPaf League 3on3 Season 1
7th LAN in Lublin (2006)
9th ET 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2006 5th League
10th PifPaf League 6on6 Season 1

Israel aciliz
Poland Adler
Poland Aksil
Poland bandiT
Poland be1u
Poland chelmianin
Poland danth3
Poland dudqU
Poland FsH
Poland Gimza
Poland god1i
Finland Good
Poland ij1
Poland JHXP
Poland killer
Poland Makar
Poland Misi3k
Poland Musashi
Poland Skorpion
Poland SoNiX
Poland Soofka
Poland stork^
Poland Wolak

March 2005 - June 2008

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