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Netherlands NoHead
Netherlands WooDy
Norway Zodiac
United Kingdom koop
United Kingdom hste
Germany rAKJI

Belgium fostruM

ESL WinterLeagues 2nd division
Belgium vyper
Netherlands spho
Netherlands NoHead
Netherlands Woody
Netherlands 7ele

Belgium FostruMM

#6 in ET top10 March 2011

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SUMMERCUP 2010 - OC Premier Group B winner, OC Premier 2010

Norway dOMI
Norway Zodiac
Netherlands Woody
Netherlands 7ele
Germany rAKJII

Peope who have exceeded the ranks of normal membership by contributing to the good name and brining honour to our team.

Netherlands Woody founder
Netherlands ReVa Star Player
Netherlands TrgT ingame leader
Finland erAkko oldschoo + Graphic Mastermind
Netherlands Query oldschool
Finland Vegee oldschool
Finland Good Random
Germany n0s for bringing us togheter in re-play
Austria Benji` our GTV admin/hero


Thanks to our sponsers during the past few years

2008 - #cronix-gaming
2009 - #naturals
2010 - #zeroE.gaming
2011 - MouseControl
Movies by target members

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Funny shit!

Austria galiathus Tuesday, 4th May 2010 23:13
gl target, show hvk that his hax are easy to beat by skill

Team-target, Aiming for Perfection since Sun Mar 23 22:25:00 2008

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