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Sweden snus, manufactured by Swedish Match, is an oral tobacco product that substantially differs from most other smokeless tobacco products worldwide. In order to assure the specific quality requirements of Sweden snus we have developed a quality standard called GothiaTek®.

Our quality standard GothiaTek® rests on three legs:

Requirements on maximum permitted levels of suspected harmful elements that occur naturally in tobacco.
Requirements on the manufacturing process and raw materials.
Requirements on qualified product information to consumers.

Originally known as Ljunglöfs Ettan snus, the brand was introduced in Sweden in 1822 by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. The son of a priest, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf brought two things to the burgeoning Swedish snus industry of the early nineteenth century – a modern business vision and a relentless dedication to product quality. In 1822, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf fashioned a new Sweden snus recipe that was to be one of the most long-lived brands in Sweden trade. Having acquired the widely used quality standard, Number One, as his trademark, his snus became known as Ljunglöfs Ettan (Ljunglöfs Number One). Today, this brand is one of the oldest, still active product brands in Sweden, where it represents over 50% of the market.
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