Jamaican ETCUP
All we do is smokin' ganja in da hood

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Jamaica Purrel Frankel
Jamaica Babylon
Jamaica TriFlip
Jamaica Allir
Jamaica NzZ
Jamaica flushje

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Jamaica Xeon
Jamaica Ackee
Jamaica Badda
Jamaica Bandulu
Jamaica jamaicaman

Naa mess wit no raggamuffin!

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Quote by NzZThere is a new ladder in the ET world

Quote by RastamanYoo Jamaicaman,

I've a question, do you like to play one time with me?
Í life in The Netherlands and i like the people in Jamaica, i've dreadlocks :P (rastafarI) if you read this post, could you add me on msn?
xl_jonco@hotmail.com :D my clan love to play with you:D:D:DD:DDD

Jah Bless

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