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YCN Hosting is primarily a Game Server Provider (GSP) however we also provide additional services such as Voice Servers, Websites and Bouncers which will suit the needs of most Teams or Clans. We currently host several hundred game servers for a range of different games. Since the 2nd quarter of 2008 YCN has expanded rapidly and thus has been able to really drop our prices down making YCN one of the most affordable solutions for many Clans.

YCN was founded by Evgeny Yakimov and has been running since early 2005 however was only registered as a legitimate business on July 2007. Since then we have been expanding rapidly and are now putting our servers into multiple locations in Europe. We are constantly upgrading our services to offer our customers the best hosting environment available.

Some potential customers are put off by our low prices as they assume that this cut in price will mean a poorer quality in service however this not true. YCN offers lower prices due to having lower costs then the average GSP. Due to our highly educated staff YCN has been able to produce its own software to run our services and are not confided by ridiculously high licensing fees for renting game server management software. Additionally we build our own servers from the hardware we have deduced to provide best quality for value. Due to the combination of these factors we are able to provide game servers at low prices and still produce a stable profit to improve YCN services in the future.
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YCN Hosting

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