6on6 CZ EMS Qualifier
6on6 SW TeamPlay Open Cup 2009
5on5 Kosmonosy LAN
5on5 EasyCompany Cup VI
2on2 ClanBase OC Premier League Spring 2011
5on5 ClanBase Ladder 6/2011
5on5 ClanBase OpenCup Spring Premer League 2011
5on5 BYOC PARTY LAN 2011 Cachovice
3on3 BYOC PARTY LAN 2011 Cachovice

5on5 CIC7 Consolation Tournament
5on5 Onedaycupski Season 3
5on5 One Night Wonder
5on5 League Winter 2010 Div 2

6on6 CZSK Cup

CC7 lineup:
Czech Republic denton
Czech Republic derek
Czech Republic greenclon
Czech Republic hyper
Czech Republic neo
Czech Republic cpu (backup)

image: 27084_1306586700606_1108694982_31002566_8314649_n
(from left to right) Hyper, Green_Clon, denton, darky and neo down

image: 27084_1306586460600_1108694982_31002561_6752558_n

image: 56668838

image: inteRationCFPic11111111111111111
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