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Russia 4liveji
Russia petros
Russia Apostal
Germany boNg


image: gameethd4 - 6on6

Russia iDeal^4liveji Team-Russia - cdap - 5k
Russia iDeal^JOkE Team-Russia - cdap - x3
Russia iDeal^fabu1oz Team-Russia - cdap - x3
Russia iDeal^Sts aGu - velerion - x3
Russia iDeal^jago Team-Russia - aMaZing - Disqonnect
Russia iDeal^Diablo Team-Russia - leetlaggers - x3

Finlandshitty: low+ max
United Kingdomxeoxis: ET will be dead if you will get into EC.
NetherlandsPaintrain: Killerboy will stop you on your way to become highskilled
FinlandSlarto: Incoming EC will be the lowest one if prophecy is true
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