In the summer of 2004 I started this clan. I started it when I was playing ET like 2 days. Trifonius and LuckyLIX were my 2 RL friends that joined me from the beginning. Thanks to Trifonius for inventing the legendary clanname! Few days later RL friend BoBBy joined aswell, but he didn't really play for real in AFC.

They were more experienced than me (duh), and LuckyLIX brought Boozeman aka Trix in, which he knew from his old clan The Doom Squad (TDS). LuckyLIX lost his interest in gaming and Trifonius went on to other games, unfortunately.

So it was just me and that weird Trix left. We searched for new members, which was quite hard, considering me only playing games for some weeks. But we managed to find some players, like Cookimonty, Broy, pine, element, amp, cartji, romina (aka flur aka shot aka gaudium aka flshy aka tom) and some more people Trix knew from his old clan.

The skilldifference was quite big, and most of them left, just the lovely norwegian Cookimonty stayed for a longer period.

We became better and better in 3o3 with me, trix & cookimonty.

But like many clans we suffered from periods of inactivity and things like that.
When we returned for a while, me & cooky noticed Trix had a pretty big skillboost, but nothing suspicious at that time yet. If only we weren't that stupid at that time!

Then I met some belgian ET players at my school. Kiss, Smokey, Nunca, Vindicator, RodaL, ... And i started playing with them more and more. I lost contact with Cooky, and played some 2v2 with Trix every now and then. Kiss & co started a clan called Crudelia, and i was asked to join them. I played with them for several months, and AFC was dead at that time.

But Crudelia died unfortunately, but i kept on playing with the guys there. Then at a point i played with Smokey and i set my AFC tag, and so on and so on, and AFC got revived again! Me, Smokey and Trix.
The tag was renewed, just like AFC. We were pretty good in 3o3, but it became quite obvious that Trix cheated, so me and smokey (who had changed name to Smokie) decided to stop playing with him. We played some 2v2's, and asked some randoms to be our third. One of them is the legendary estonian m2r7, which i know from my 6o6 clan aZe. He played with us for a while, and we had a lot of nice games.

At the moment we don't play ET for real anymore. Sometimes, me and smokie still play some games with the beloved AFC tag. And sometimes kiss aka utopie aka imke aka ... plays as our third with the AFC tag!

That's more or less the story of AFC,

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