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( ) #OpenCup Fall 2008 3rd league Group H

image: gid25_small Enemy Territory
Netherlands dV'Solar (c)
United Kingdom dV'Smurftang
Poland dV'War
Switzerland dV'Tau
Romania dV'R00NNY
Germany dV'frogg

Finland dV'Syntex
Netherlands dV'mAxii

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ET SW Opencup Fall 2008 - 3rd League - Group H
image: green-square 5 Oct. 2008 CTN 4-2
image: red-square 12 Oct. 2008 K-Libr.eu 2-4
image: green-square 3 Nov. 2008 HQ 4-0


image: 14191_6-d1638b73f6a361ca395e72a98980f6ae
Info: -Germany frogg and his girlfriend. Best OBJwhore? Best teamplayer? Im sure in our Team he is the best. :D

image: 1211541909_m
Info: -United Kingdom Smurftang and his girlfirned.A freaking england child with nice aim and mutch nice jokes ;) He bring alot of fun to us

image: 6-6d3a39bb015a7993
Info: -Switzerland Tau. Just call him Tau da Rambo :D he is the best rambo but he win in every war for example: I'm lagging...they just lagging...wtf lag :D:D:D

Info: -Finland Syntex. I just say 3 words! FINTARD. CRYING. KID ;D but stable backup and every time up for a mix
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http://noneyet.com, #Devotion.et @ Qnet