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what do you think?... xD ^^

Quote by Micha89Pls add me into woDka fanbois :o

Quote by roaro gott BITTE nen andren namen ! ^^'

mein vorschlag wäre roarclub10 mit ner kleinen randbemerkung das es um wodka geht .... aber nich das wodka fanboi gelaber da ! : D

Quote by ridjitoo low wodka 4 me xD

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[12:25] str_ :(: woooooodka :<<<< wo is er?:'<<<<<<<<
[12:27] str_ :(:
Last Seen Today !! ok wodka is da

Quote by crush3r 'rlby
Btw woDka, you are a better aimer than xyl0s and butchji :D

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can't be a cheater :'(

Quote by xrfiZinvite me to woDka fanboys because he is 2low4me.

Quote by N0rtHinvite me coz i'm from poland :D