Russia cs3r|4liveji Eng-smg/Medic
Russia cs3r|JOkE Medic
Russia cs3r|MurDa Medic
Russia cs3r|jAgo FieldOp/Medic
Poland cs3r|s1LENT Fieldop/Medic
Spain cs3r|Gengis Medic
Spain cs3r|WeZoR Rifle
Spain cs3r|RadifZ Rifle / Medic
Finland cs3r|clouver Fieldop/Medic 6on6 Cup 3ON3 Cup 3on3 Night Cup

#EuroCup XVIII Qualifier vs Europe

Finland Spirea: russia + spanish. Now I've seen all!
Netherlands Mierlo9: Another 2 weeks clan made by the russians, fuck yeah!
Netherlands Inscr: cs3r is supposed to be dead.
Canada KIPA: 4Live is in , you are doomed guys

cs3r - black
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