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OC Lineup
image: en w3st
image: en Desire2Fire
image: no Shiim
image: en jnO
image: en Artstar
image: nl Ruben
image: en tace
image: en Tardler

Mix-up not Lineup
image: uk Sean
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image: en jnO
image: se rat
image: fi Niko
image: fi Pr3d
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image: no Eirik
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image: nl ReWolf
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image: nl Ruben
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image: en Ollz
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image: ee Hell
image: ee al
image: en Griim
image: dk xcon_
image: en Shnaps
image: uk stormeh
image: ie Bilgrim

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merkin ya crew, blad.

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  • Hard & Ghetto Feeling
  • Massive beats
  • Chris Benoit
  • Clifford "He isn't even fucking real"
  • Hulkster "brotherbrotherbrotherbrother"
  • Nae Bother
  • blurt blurt
  • niggernosh
  • Somehow
  • Canni fuckin handle it
  • Mate
  • Meight
  • So sound
  • Sound Lads
  • Sound
  • Sound Mate
  • laf
  • I'll decide
  • nasty house trance
  • As per
  • Clearly
  • The Big Man
  • Get a grip
  • I respect that.
  • Spamzone
  • if only
  • so naice

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No fucking way![/b]]
[23:15] <Tardler> :)

(23:02:57) @ovr-Rewolf: My secret is coke
(23:03:12) @ovr-Rewolf: the bleeding nose is an annoying side effect
(23:03:16) @`Niko: druck are bad mkay
(23:03:20) @ovr-Rewolf: but you get used to it after a while
(23:04:41) @`Niko: u can get used to everything.. exept icepick in ur ass.. it melts before u do...
(23:06:01) @ovr-sean: i dont know if i should be impressed or worried about that niko

Kids are good[/b]]
[17:57] jnO: You Are 54% Evil
You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

[17:58] OVERLOAd`Rewolf: You probably checked that you hated kids
[17:59] jnO: no I dont hate kids
[17:59] jnO: I just think they taste better with ketchup

Gaming makes you cool and rohypnol too[/b]]
(20:17:54) +|jnO|: Gaming makes you cool. Irresistable to women and generally GREAT
(20:18:16) +|jnO|: rewolf is the exception to the rule
(20:19:02) @ovr-Rewolf: liar!
(20:19:15) @ovr-Rewolf: you saw the pictures of my girl, so you know it isnt true
(20:19:16) @ovr-Rewolf: :P
(20:19:40) +|jnO|: I am not ruling out you using rohypnol

Bigbeats vs Cats[/b]]
<jnO> Em wants a cat
<jnO> Some Egyptian Mau thing, it's fucking huge
<jnO> Thing is I know what will happen
<jnO> 1st day we get it that cats going to become roadkill
<jnO> Then I have to buy another cat, £300 on 2 fucking cats
<Jpex> Make something out of the dead cat!
<Jpex> Scarves
<jnO> Big Beat Thongs!
<griim> are you 2 really talking about making thongs from the skin of dead cats. Fucked up channel :D
<jnO> xD
<Jpex> xDD

BIGBEATS vs Trivia[/b]]
[00:12] <`cApo> 10. Name The Year: Leonard Nimoy, actor, director, born.?
[00:12] <sean`> 1927
[00:12] <Rewolf> 1986
[00:12] <brox`golf> 1934
[00:12] <Rewolf> 1967
[00:12] <`cApo> 1952
[00:12] <`cApo> Here's your 1st hint: 19__
[00:12] <sean`> 1928
[00:12] <Tardler> 156
[00:12] <Rewolf> 1923
[00:12] <`cApo> 1953
[00:12] <sean`> 1929
[00:13] <`cApo> 1954
[00:13] <Tardler> 1956
[00:13] <sean`> 1930
[00:13] <`cApo> 1955
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1947
[00:13] <re-play|griim> thats a helpful hint
[00:13] <`cApo> 1956
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1958
[00:13] <`cApo> 1957
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1920
[00:13] <`cApo> 1958
[00:13] <sean`> 1911
[00:13] <`cApo> 1959
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1948
[00:13] <Tardler> 1976
[00:13] <brox`golf> 1928
[00:13] <re-play|griim> :D:D
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1920
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1954
[00:13] <Tardler> 1960
[00:13] <`cApo> 1949
[00:13] <sean`> 1901
[00:13] <Rewolf> 1947
[00:13] <sean`> 1934
[00:13] <`cApo> Time's up! The answer was: 1931
[00:13] <`cApo> Stopping the trivia. !trivia <number> to restart.
[00:13] <`cApo> Record streak: Rewolf of 3. Record time: Rewolf of 3.182. Record wpm: `cApo of 23.042836.
[00:13] <`cApo> lol
[00:13] <sean`> sound
[00:13] <sean`> fucking assaulted that question
[00:13] <`cApo> big style
[00:13] <Rewolf> hahahaha

[22:55] <`Sean> Yea, thats right Butchji, ownt
[22:55] <`Sean> thats how it would be.
[22:55] <`Sean> clearly.
[22:55] <Shnaps> no communication on vent
[22:55] <re-play|griim> :D
[22:55] <Shnaps> just massive techno played through our earphones
[22:55] <re-play|griim> xD
[22:56] <`Sean> motivational, progressive trance
[22:56] <re-play|griim> :D:D
[22:56] <`Sean> puts us all in euphoric moods
[22:56] <re-play|griim> with such incredible lines as "i've got... steel"
[22:56] <`Sean> we'd be tranced out our heads
[22:56] <Shnaps> a natural high
[22:56] <`Sean> drunk on techno
[22:56] <ReWolf> brb
[22:56] <re-play|griim> :D
[22:57] <`Sean> omg qubenet cheats!!!! they scream.
[22:57] <`Sean> "no.. just massive techno".
[22:57] <`Sean> nice Boizzz
[22:57] <re-play|griim> would make an interesting lan team
[22:57] <`Sean> would be funny just us sitting there with music absolutly blaring lol
[22:57] <`Sean> :DD
[22:57] <re-play|griim> just blasting techno
[22:57] <re-play|griim> :D
[22:58] <Shnaps> big beats
[22:58] <`Sean> the ground would be shaking
[22:58] <`Sean> due to the massive bass
[22:58] <Shnaps> filthy waves of euro trane
[22:58] <Shnaps> trance
[22:58] <`Sean> they would be so confused
[22:58] <Shnaps> a rape alarm every now and again
[22:59] <`Sean> would be np for us, since by then we'd be trained to deal with it's massiveness
[23:00] <re-play|griim> :D

tanking those guns[/b]]<re-play|griim> but i still managed to do some work and go to the gym, so it hasnt been a waste of a day
<Rewolf> hahaha
<Rewolf> nice
<`Sean> Dave tanking those guns
<`Sean> as per
<`Sean> as per

nosh me off[/b]]<Shnaps> nosh babes
<`SEAN> nosh off emily
* LaziOFF is now known as re-play|Lazio
<Shnaps> ye babes
<Shnaps> i'd rape her
<Shnaps> someones going to
<Shnaps> might as well be me
<Gabt`> :D

ziqvpix[/b]][22:41] <Gabt`> sets mode: +oooo ziqvpix Tardler ReWolf Cheesy|Qubenet
[22:41] <Gabt`> oops
[22:41] < Gabt`> sets mode: -o ziqvpix
[22:41] <Gabt`> forgot i dont like you

[23:24] <re-play|griim> :D:D:D
[23:24] <re-play|griim> ok
[23:24] <re-play|griim> maybe we can play a mix then
[23:25] <re-play|griim> or are u already?
[23:25] <Gabt`> aslong and u dont take the gold ill play
[23:25] <Tardler> OLOL
[23:25] <Tardler> OL
[23:25] <Tardler> O
[23:25] <Tardler> L
[23:25] <Shnaps> pwnt
[23:25] <Shnaps> pwnt
[23:25] <Shnaps> pwnt
[23:25] <Shnaps> wp
[23:25] <re-play|griim> ffs xD

scary shit[/b]][23:18] * Olly| changes topic to 'Get A Grip, Sort It Out, Shove It Up Your Ass, And Pull It Out'
[23:18] <`sean> wow
[23:19] <`sean> olly
[23:19] <`sean> ..
[23:19] <`sean> wow
[23:19] <Yosheekee> now i'm scared
[23:19] <Yosheekee> but still
[23:19] <Silith`> Fuck
[23:19] * Yosheekee changes topic to 'Get A Griim, Sort It Out, Shove It Up Your Ass, And Pull It Out'
[23:19] <Tardler> AROUSED
[23:19] <re-play|griim> I'm intrigued olly
[23:19] <re-play|griim> tell me more
[23:19] <Yosheekee> now it's perfect.
[23:19] <re-play|griim> omfg yosh
[23:19] <Gabt`> xD
[23:19] <Yosheekee> :D
[23:19] <`sean> :DD
[23:19] <Yosheekee> i dunno what a grip is
[23:19] <Olly|> xD Yosheekee made it perfect

rewofl[/b]][23:20] <Rewolf> do you know what I think?
[23:20] <re-play|griim> i dont think a team of japanese scientists working around the clock could tell what you're thinking

sean's lan plan[/b]][23:31] <`sean> I'm going cdc
[23:32] <`sean> Just to put you in your place dave
[23:32] <Tardler> I would just to see you
[23:32] <Tardler> and fuck you
[23:32] <`sean> Just to fucking peoples elbow you
[23:32] <`sean> you cunt
[23:32] <Tardler> and also that
[23:32] <re-play|griim> they don't except haggis as legal tender in the airport sean
[23:32] <`sean> You know whats tender?
[23:32] <re-play|griim> peoples elbow :D:D

[23:32] <Tardler> lets slap some sense into dave sean
[23:32] <`sean> DO YOU?
[23:32] <`sean> your ma
[23:32] <`sean> she is
[23:32] <`sean> FUCK
[23:32] <`sean> I HAD TO
[23:32] <re-play|griim> hahahaha
[23:32] <`sean> FUCK
[23:33] <`sean> Yea
[23:33] <`sean> peoples elbow
[23:33] <`sean> thats just the start of it
[23:33] <`sean> you mug
[23:33] <re-play|griim> xD
[23:33] <re-play|griim> won't you need some ropes for that
[23:33] <`sean> fucking bring my hell in the cell and we can just let it rip
[23:33] <re-play|griim> xD
[23:34] <re-play|griim> u need help
[23:34] <re-play|griim> living in a fantasy world
[23:34] <re-play|griim> fix up
[23:34] <`sean> Fuck me dave, you worry too much
[23:34] <`sean> It's not fantasy though
[23:34] <re-play|griim> the day i see you bouncing off ropes peoples elbowing me at cdc is the day i crap gold
[23:35] <`sean> your such a fucking mug. Me n tard will irish whip you into a quad core PC ya cunt
[23:35] <Tardler> "whip"
[23:35] <Tardler> made me laugh
[23:35] <re-play|griim> :D
[23:35] <Tardler> a little
[23:35] <Tardler> a little
[23:35] <`sean> funny dave, that day will be coming sooner than you expect
[23:35] <Tardler> seans hes got back up
[23:36] <`sean> you'll be sitting there, letting it rip in ET with your replay boys
[23:36] <`sean> then somehow
[23:36] <`sean> SOMEHOW
[23:36] <`sean> out of nowhere
[23:36] <Tardler> ducktape
[23:36] <`sean> ill fucking knock you out
[23:36] <`sean> then take my elbow pad off
[23:36] <`sean> somehow
[23:36] <re-play|griim> in front of about 40 people
[23:36] <re-play|griim> somehow
[23:37] <`sean> and bounce off mama's head, jump over you... bounce off bulldog, then just plant my elbow in your cunt
[23:37] <`sean> no chance dave
[23:37] <`sean> no chance
[23:37] <`sean> dont even try

class act[/b]][00:32] <Tardler> 6o6 exp is low
[00:33] <Shnaps> so better than your 3on3 exp?
[00:33] <[141`et]Griim> :D
[00:33] <Shnaps> you got slapped down
[00:33] <Tardler> seriously one of these days
[00:34] <Shnaps> you'll revive someone?
[00:34] <Tardler> oh lawd
[00:34] <Tardler> hes on a roll
[00:34] <Shnaps> like your stomach
[00:34] <Tardler> omg omg
[00:34] <Shnaps> oh yeeeeea
[00:34] <[141`et]Griim> xDDDD
[00:34] <Tardler> have fun at work
[00:35] <Shnaps> Have fun being a vagrant
[00:36] <Tardler> nah im coming on that job when the BIG POURS on
[00:36] <Shnaps> yeah okay
[00:36] <Shnaps> dickmunch
[00:36] <Shnaps> scallywag
[00:36] <Tardler> you grading that shit?
[00:37] <Shnaps> shut up
[00:37] <Tardler> a good driver could
[00:37] <Tardler> kk
[00:37] <Shnaps> with a 3 ton machine
[00:37] <Shnaps> you retard kankernoob
[00:37] <Tardler> perfect
[00:37] <Shnaps> yeah, this boy is a retard
[00:37] <Tardler> wat
[00:38] <Tardler> I thought the 13ton was there bitch
[00:38] <Shnaps> ni
[00:38] <Tardler> prick
[00:38] <Shnaps> no
[00:38] <Shnaps> youre overweight
[00:38] * Shnaps has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)

fix up[/b]][22:27] <Gabt`> grim up for a scrim?
[22:30] <Tardler> only need 1
[22:30] <Tardler> speak up faggot
[22:31] * Gabt` slaps re-play|Griim with a rainbow trout
[22:31] <Tardler> me gabt shnaps 2lowbirds
[22:31] * divintb`dAreVl has quit IRC (Signed off)
[22:32] <Shnaps> speak up speak up
[22:32] <Shnaps> fix up, look sharp
[22:32] <Gabt`> :D
[22:32] <Shnaps> before i smash your emo mouth in, griim

daredevl getting bodyslammed[/b]][22:17] <re-play|Griim> i bet scott touches the boys as he coaches them...
[22:18] <divintB`dAreVl> lol
[22:18] <divintB`dAreVl> thanks dave
[22:18] <divintB`dAreVl> i always have spoken nice about u
[22:18] <divintB`dAreVl> called u the only saine 1
[22:19] <re-play|Griim> :D
[22:19] <divintB`dAreVl> and this is how u repay me
[22:19] <divintB`dAreVl> PFF
[22:19] <re-play|Griim> how wrong u were
[22:19] <divintB`dAreVl> :O
[22:19] <Shnaps> you like children
[22:20] <divintB`dAreVl> ( @re-play|Griim ) i bet Shnaps touches the boys as he coaches them...
[22:20] <divintB`dAreVl> :O
[22:20] <divintB`dAreVl> ur sick
[22:21] <Shnaps> your face looks like an asshole with teeth
[22:21] <divintB`dAreVl> LOL
[22:21] <divintB`dAreVl> thanks
[22:21] <divintB`dAreVl> thts pretty cool tbh
[22:22] <re-play|Griim> xD


On vent
Daredevl: You're a fucking drain on society
Shnaps: You drain mens balls


[21:26] <divintB`dAreVl> lol @ topic
[21:26] <divintB`dAreVl> thanks Shnaps
[21:26] <divintB`dAreVl> is it cos u miss me ?
[21:27] * _divintB`dAreVl has joined #qubetemp
[21:28] <Shnaps> go fuck yourself, scum
[21:29] <divintB`dAreVl> ahh thanks
[21:29] <divintB`dAreVl> :D
[21:29] <divintB`dAreVl> it means alot to me
[21:29] <divintB`dAreVl> fuck wit
[21:29] <Shnaps> brb
[21:29] <Shnaps> taking a shit on your mum's chest

Flek's Cheese[/b]][04:36] <+Flekmaatikko> i fucing love cheese&chong :D
BIGBEATS vs Emily[/b]]00:29 @re-play|griim; [23:27] <ovr-Rewolf> you'll comfort her, pull of her clothes, put it in her, enjoy the 5 min of joy and leave
00:29 @re-play|griim; omfg...
00:30 re-play|hell; DAEV
00:30 @ovr-sean; isnt she like 12 or something
00:30 @ovr-sean; thats low man.
00:30 @re-play|griim; 15 ye ;|
00:30 @ovr-sean; lol
00:30 @re-play|hel; ROFL
00:30 @re-play|hel; :D
00:30 @re-play|hel; DO HER

00:30 @re-play|griim; omfg
00:30 @re-play|hell; BEST ADVICE EVER
00:30 @ovr-sean; yea do her
00:30 @ovr-Rewolf; In dutch we have a saying: The closer to the zero, the tigher it is
00:30 @ovr-sean; make her wish she was a bloke instead
00:30 @ovr-Rewolf; Tighter*
00:30 @re-play|hel; :D
00:30 @brox|; if thers grass on the park PLAY BALL
00:30 @re-play|griim; sorry im not attracted to kids.
00:30 @ovr-sean; every hole is a goal
00:30 @ovr-Rewolf; genious input brox
00:31 @re-play|hell; _D
00:31 @re-play|griim; :D
00:31 @ovr-sean; Qubetemp : A relationship helpline

36 minutes of Dave[/b]][23:55] <re-play|Lazio> but, i still wanna keep doing music though - just maybe in jazz/pop
[23:55] <re-play|Lazio> though the problem is there later with the job
[23:55] <re-play|Lazio> kinda risky
[23:55] <ovr-sean> you should do an album about Dave
[23:56] <re-play|Lazio> i should
[23:56] <ovr-sean> dedicated to dave
[23:56] <ovr-sean> "All about dave"
[23:56] <ovr-sean> "love songs, for dave"
[23:56] <re-play|Lazio> dave's classics
[23:56] <ovr-Rewolf> song 1 would be
[23:56] <ovr-Rewolf> Nice whine cockface
[23:56] <re-play|Lazio> that would be hard metal
[23:57] <ovr-sean> "Raging like a Wolf"
[23:57] <re-play|Lazio> smth in the lines of that
[23:57] <ovr-sean> "PUSH MAIN, BUT YOU DIDN'T"
[23:57] <re-play|Lazio> id also make 1 bout his lost brother, budhaz
[23:58] <re-play|Lazio> that would make a hit
[23:58] <ovr-sean> "Paul"
[23:58] <ovr-sean> "Dave's Grime"
[23:58] <ovr-sean> "Hey Dave"
[23:59] <ovr-sean> "Where is your head?!"
[23:59] <ovr-sean> "Hating the game"
[23:59] <ovr-sean> "Lagged Life"
[23:59] <re-play|Lazio> :D
[00:00] <ovr-sean> "Dave's freestyle phycotic rap"
[00:00] <re-play|Lazio> "its getting dave in here"
[00:01] <ovr-sean> So take off all your clothes,
[00:01] <re-play|griim> if its successful i want royalties
[00:01] <ovr-sean> I ammm gettin' so davvvvveee, i just wanna take ma clothes offfff
[00:01] <re-play|Lazio> " dave in the sky with diamonds"
[00:02] <re-play|Lazio> "drop it like its the gold of the UK vs Czech Republic Game"
[00:02] <ovr-sean> lol
[00:02] <ovr-Rewolf> Never gonna give the gold up
[00:02] <re-play|Lazio> :D
[00:03] <ovr-sean> "Today was a good day, but not for Dave"
[00:03] <re-play|Lazio> "Sweet dreams are made of dave"
[00:04] <ovr-Rewolf> "Running Gold"
[00:04] <ovr-Rewolf> or Ruining Gold
[00:04] <ovr-Rewolf> just what you prefer
[00:04] <re-play|Lazio> "DaveDigger"
[00:04] <ovr-sean> "Dave gon' giv it to ya, (not the gold)"
[00:04] <re-play|Lazio> :D
[00:04] <re-play|Lazio> "I like Big dave's"

[00:05] <re-play|Lazio> "Big dave's you are beautiful"
[00:05] <Tardler> Girls Just Want To Have Fun
[00:05] <Tardler> -girls
[00:05] <re-play|Lazio> "Slave 4 dave"
[00:05] <Tardler> dave
[00:05] <ovr-sean> Girls just want to have dave
[00:05] <Tardler> oh god
[00:06] <Tardler> thats better
[00:06] <re-play|Lazio> "we're all living in Davetopia"
[00:06] <ovr-sean> " I need a Dave (hero)"
[00:06] <Tardler> stop now
[00:06] <re-play|Lazio> :D
[00:07] <ovr-Rewolf> Killing in the Name of Dave
[00:07] <Tardler> getting eww e
[00:07] <Tardler> nice wolf
[00:07] <re-play|Lazio> "(momma) Dave I live You"
[00:07] <re-play|Lazio> love
[00:07] <re-play|Lazio> damnet !

[00:07] <ovr-sean> "Dave Radio"
[00:07] <ovr-Rewolf> Davehemian Rapsody
[00:08] <re-play|Lazio> "I shot the sherif, but not dave"
[00:08] * Tardler sets mode: +v `cApo
[00:08] <re-play|Lazio> "I kissed a Dave"
[00:08] <ovr-sean> "Can't touch Dave"
[00:08] <ovr-sean> "It's Dave time"
[00:09] <ovr-Rewolf> Smooth Dave
[00:09] <re-play|Lazio> "The real Slim David"
[00:09] <ovr-Rewolf> Adagio for Dave
[00:09] <ovr-sean> "Like a Dave"

[00:10] <ovr-sean> "I've had the time of my Dave"
[00:10] <re-play|Lazio> "Symphonia in Dave by Hell-tsjovsky"
[00:10] <re-play|Lazio> (01:10:26) (@ovr-sean) "I've had the time of my Dave" :DDDDDDD
[00:10] <ovr-Rewolf> WonderDave
[00:10] <ovr-sean> "Dave Don't preach"
[00:10] <re-play|Lazio> and then a solo by hell singing "I'd give my all"

[00:10] <ovr-Rewolf> Dava mia
[00:11] <ovr-sean> "I just called to say i Love Dave"
[00:11] <re-play|Lazio> "MacaDava"
[00:11] <ovr-sean> "Summer of Dave"
[00:11] <ovr-Rewolf> We built this city on Dave
[00:12] <re-play|Lazio> "Sunday,bloody,dave"
[00:12] <ovr-Rewolf> Paradise by Dave's light
[00:12] <ovr-sean> " Boulevard of Broken Dave's"
[00:12] <re-play|Lazio> :D
[00:13] <ovr-sean> "Matirial Dave"
[00:13] <re-play|Lazio> "Dave me baby one more time"
[00:13] <re-play|Lazio> "you drive me psycho dave"
[00:13] <ovr-sean> "Livin' La Vida Dave"
[00:14] <ovr-sean> "Sweet Home Milton Keynes"
[00:14] <re-play|Lazio> "Lonely, im mister Dave"
[00:15] <re-play|Lazio> "ya'll gon' make me lose my dave"
[00:15] <ovr-sean> "Video Game killed the Dave"
[00:15] <re-play|Lazio> :=DDD
[00:15] <ovr-sean> "Achy Breaky Dave"
[00:16] <ovr-sean> "Dancing in the Dark, with dave"
[00:16] <ovr-Rewolf> Sweet Home Dave
[00:17] <ovr-sean> "Eye of the Dave"
[00:17] <ovr-Rewolf> Miss Dave
[00:17] <ovr-sean> "What a wonderful Dave"
[00:18] <re-play|Lazio> "dont worry, be dave"
[00:18] <ovr-sean> oh hey, re-play|griim
[00:20] <ovr-Rewolf> Every Dave you take
[00:20] <ovr-sean> Every Dave you make
[00:20] <ovr-sean> I'll be Daving you
[00:21] <ovr-Rewolf> What's Dave Got To Do with it
[00:21] <re-play|Lazio> :D
[00:21] <ovr-Rewolf> Another Dave in the Wall
[00:21] <ovr-Rewolf> crazy Little Thing called Dave
[00:22] <ovr-sean> Sweet Dave o' Mine
[00:22] <ovr-Rewolf> Walk like a Dave (and lose the Gold)
[00:22] <ovr-sean> :D
[00:22] <ovr-Rewolf> Sexual Daving
[00:23] <ovr-sean> Through the Dave Vine
[00:23] <ovr-Rewolf> Another Dave in Paradise
[00:23] <ovr-sean> Pon de re-play Dave
[00:23] <re-play|Lazio> oh oh
[00:23] <re-play|Lazio> clever
[00:23] <ovr-sean> SEE WHAT I DONE THERE?
[00:23] <re-play|Lazio> I can't get dave out of my mind
[00:24] <ovr-sean> Under My Dave
[00:24] <ovr-Rewolf> When Daves cry
[00:24] <ovr-sean> "Jump in my dave"
[00:24] <ovr-Rewolf> Dave shook me all night long
[00:24] <ovr-sean> Dirty Daving
[00:25] <ovr-Rewolf> Take on Dave
[00:25] <ovr-sean> Take a chance on Dave
[00:25] <ovr-Rewolf> Wake Dave up before you Go-go
[00:26] <ovr-sean> Play that funky music Dave
[00:28] <ovr-sean> 21 seconds to Dave
[00:28] <ovr-sean> I'm loving Dave instead
[00:28] <ovr-Rewolf> Tainted Dave
[00:28] <ovr-Rewolf> Dave Calling
[00:29] <ovr-sean> Personal Dave
[00:30] <ovr-sean> re-play|griim
[00:30] <ovr-Rewolf> we should add this on the Bigbeats page
[00:31] <ovr-sean> Pretty Hefty contribution
[00:31] <ovr-sean> 36 Minutes worth of convo

Pirate Bil[/b]] 7:02p (@Bilgrim) anyone got a ra2 keycode? ;<
7:08p (@ovr-sean) Bilgrim
7:08p (@ovr-sean) have a look on
7:08p (@ovr-sean) under crack section
7:12p (@Bilgrim) rofl
7:12p (@Bilgrim) i hate you
7:12p (@ovr-sean) pownt

Dave[/b]] 1:27p (@ovr-sean) aleeekkkzk
1:28p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:28p (@ovr-sean) ed
1:28p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:28p (@ovr-sean) DAVE`ed
1:28p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) I think i won.
1:29p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:29p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:29p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:29p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:29p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@ovr-sean) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) i win?
1:30p (@re-play|hell) :D
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@ovr-sean) fuck
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) OH SEAN

1:30p (@re-play|hell) SO OWNED :D
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@ovr-sean) that was a pretty intense combo
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:30p (@re-play|hell) ye i made a timer
1:30p (@re-play|hell) :D
1:31p (@ovr-sean) I had no chance
1:31p (@re-play|hell) dave
1:31p (@ovr-sean) :D

Sean & Shnaps Volume 1[/b]]
[14:16] <Shnaps> mind blowing techno fuse
[14:17] <`Sean> off the rip turntable grinding dance fusion
[14:19] <Shnaps> bass so dirty you'll need a bath
[14:20] <`Sean> intense high octane lines of bass
[14:21] <Gabt`> are you 2 flirting wich each other?
[14:21] <Shnaps> dynamic rifts, mind altering noise
[14:21] <Gabt`> pair of slaaaags
[14:23] <`Sean> futuristic ear raping alternative trance
[14:30] <Shnaps> alterna-clash, eargasm inducing beats, blazing mixes
[14:34] <Shnaps> grimy trance fused with smutty waves of beatcore
[14:34] <`Sean> :DDD
[14:34] <`Sean> smutty
[14:34] <Shnaps> :D
[14:34] <Shnaps> seriously, we need to start wrigint for the billboard people
[14:35] <Shnaps> at least 2 people would show up to these shows
[14:35] <`Sean> yea, they need talent like us.
[14:35] <`Sean> they lack the lyrical dominance that we provide.
[14:57] <Shnaps> skanky bass
[14:59] <`Sean> massive earthsaking base
[15:02] <`Sean> kanker bass
[15:04] <Shnaps> raunchy grooves combined with brain polluting noise
[15:07] <`Sean> toxic crunching techno tuneage
[15:07] <Shnaps> hahah
[15:08] ·f· divoFF`sqiK is now known as divine`sqiK
[15:12] ·f· divine`sqiK is now known as divoFF`sqiK
[15:12] <Shnaps> nigger noise
[15:12] <`Sean> buzzing trance anthems

[23:03] <re-play|griim> big beats
[23:05] <`Sean> funky house techno
[23:06] <Shnaps> dirty as fuck grooves

Shnaps vs FiF[/b]]
You have no honor

we had that shit locked down but it was beasted

allan gets rolled[/b]][18:09] <ovr-sean> Nice clan name cre8ive]al
[18:09] <cre8ive]al> nice face sean
[18:09] <ovr-sean> Nice cre8tive m8.
[18:10] <re-play|griim> allan : D
[18:11] <cre8ive]al> emily : D
[18:11] <re-play|griim> oh al
[18:11] <re-play|griim> lets clean the sl8
[18:11] <Bilgrim> dave @ pro abbreviations.
[18:11] <ovr-sean> clean the pl8 m8
[18:12] <ovr-Rewolf> isnt it too l8 already?
[18:12] <re-play|griim> :D
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> fuckfaces
[18:12] <ovr-sean> it's our f8 to clean the pl8
[18:12] <re-play|griim> hahaha
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> i didnt made this clanname
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> idiots ;
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> (
[18:12] <ovr-sean> Piece of shit.
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> pice of dave ?
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> piece
[18:12] <re-play|griim> we're just b8ing, m8
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> *
[18:12] <ovr-Rewolf> would be even gr8er if you made it al
[18:12] <cre8ive]al> nerds
[18:13] <re-play|griim> :D
[18:13] <Bilgrim> w8 m8 we are just sl8ing your pl8 it was gr8
[18:13] <Bilgrim> bad :<
[18:13] <re-play|griim> why the h8?
[18:13] <ovr-sean> fucking st8 of you bil
[18:13] <ovr-sean> crazy 88's.
[18:13] <Bilgrim> we have gr8 abrevi8 skillz m8s
[18:13] <re-play|griim> oh bil's a natural at this shit
[18:13] <ovr-sean> cheers babe, now nosh me off.
[18:14] <Bilgrim> :D

Ingame Boots[/b]]
(On Vent) (ReWolf) Are you scared incase you get your ingame boots wet?

Pim's sister, the prologue[/b]]
[21:06]<zero`Sean> that makes no sense
[21:06]<zero`Sean> lol
[21:072<zero`ReWolf> your mom makes no sense
[21:08]<zero`Sean> haha
[21:08]<zero`Sean> neither does your drunk sister
[21:08]<zero`Sean> And it's funnier, because i have proof
[21:08]mode[ 00+v hMg|elec`] by zero`Sean
[21:09] <zero`ReWolf> my sister just went hysterical
[21:09] <zero`ReWolf>only because she thought a wasp was in her ear
[21:09] <zero`ReWolf> once proving her insaness
[21:10] <zero`Sean> So why was she speaking like a drunk?
[21:11] <zero`lazy>cause she is?
[21:11]<zero`Sean> most likely
[21:13]<zero`ReWolf> she wasn't
[21:13] <zero`ReWolf> told you that
[21:13] <zero`Sean>SHE OBVIOUSLY WAS
[21:13]<zero`Sean> she was slurring her words
[21:13] <zero`ReWolf> did you see her
[21:13] <zero`ReWolf> no?
[21:13] <zero`ReWolf> thats
[21:13] <zero`ReWolf> because she was shocked
[21:13] <zero`ReWolf> by your words
[21:14] <zero`Sean> Just like she downed a bottle of straight vodka
[21:14] <zero`Sean> or a doseage of jungle poison
[21:14]<zero`Sean>Jungle being marcus
[21:15] <zero`ReWolf> or verbally raped by Sean
[21:16] <zero`Sean> Possibly the latter
[21:16] <zero`Sean> There was a few references of "get your tits out", unfortuently she didn't comply.

Dave simply powerhousing[/b]] (@re-play|Griim) let me know when you've got 6 and that french girl stops talking
Rhyming[/b]]18:23 • zZz`w3st has joined #bigbeats
18:23 • ReWolf set mode [+o zZz`w3st]
18:27 @ReWolf• Dan
18:27 @ReWolf• my man
18:27 @ReWolf• with the plan
18:28 @ReWolf• made up in your coolmobile van
18:28 @zZz`w3st• damn man
18:28 @zZz`w3st• wld u like some ham
18:28 @ReWolf• yes, if you can
18:29 @zZz`w3st• there aint no ban
18:30 @ReWolf• you know, I'm becoming your biggest fan
18:30 @zZz`w3st• kablaam!
18:30 @zZz`w3st• is it cause my name rymes with zoltan
18:31 @ReWolf• thats where it al began
18:31 @zZz`w3st• zlol man
18:31 @zZz`w3st• :DDDDDDDDD
18:31 @ReWolf• that zoltan man, he had this tan
18:31 @ReWolf• because he was from sudan
18:32 @zZz`w3st• who dan?
18:32 @zZz`w3st• :D
18:32 @ReWolf• a feral man, a french sudan, with a luggage van
18:33 @ReWolf• no dan
18:33 @ReWolf• I'm talking about azoltan
18:33 @ReWolf• although you could beat him with a frying pan
18:33 @zZz`w3st• !:DDD
18:33 @zZz`w3st• very good
18:33 @zZz`w3st• !
18:33 @ReWolf• eventhough Zoltan is from japan
18:34 @ReWolf• wow, I made a rhyme eventhough I have a low attention span

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