Crossfire Challenge 5

Won a round at CC5 thanks to the manager, Frenky congratz friends

Netherlands Tim 'Frenkolijzer' Terlingen

Belgium Han 'Anaconda' Flamez
Netherlands Wouter 'TriFlip' Veldman
Netherlands Edwin 'Eddo'
Netherlands Nick '7ele'
France Pierre 'Stormy' Collinot
Germany Ben 'beN' Wernke

Netherlands Rick 'twnzy' Wouda (LAN DODGER)

contact: #team-randoms

The informal founding of the group occurred in September '08 when Anaconda and TriFlip travelled across the Internet to reinforce Enschede in December '08. Before the sixtet were violently reduced to randoms, but will end as lanproof randoms (a state with which Team Randoms, is going to spent an exciting weekend in Enschede).
Team Randoms
Contact information, #team-randoms