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Lineup aClmx 2010:
Belgium Flashy (c)
Belgium sile (c)
Estonia Income
Italy Stevji
Poland rydzyk

France b3ck
Portugal krypto

Active in OC.

Teamleader: Flashy


Belgium Flashy
Belgium Sile
Belgium nuNca
Netherlands Fritsie
Netherlands Draysik
Netherlands foXyb0t

Netherlands SVENi
Netherlands rezta
Belgium Nickj
Belgium Tetsuo
Belgium Flocky
Belgium fostrum

eNorma Cup #1 6o6 (blitzz, flashy, vanq, fritsie, dray, sile)
eNorma Cup #2 6o6 (allir, domi, flashy, blitzz, dray, santje, spho) http://enormacup.tourney.cc/
Coldfirecup nightcup v1 (flashy fritsie dray) http://www.coldfirecup.org/index.php?site=details&cup_id=94
xfusion cup #1 3o3 (flashy cooles z1p) http://xfusion.tourney.cc/
coldfirecup 8teams1cup v4 (flashy fritsie dray sven) http://www.coldfirecup.org/index.php?site=details&cup_id=102
Coldfire relaxCup vol.1 (flashy flocky aeq anim) http://www.coldfirecup.org/index.php?site=details&cup_id=104
/ Coldfire FridayCup v2.0 (flashy nunca dray) http://www.coldfirecup.org/index.php?site=details&cup_id=105
as wannabes Result CUP 3v3 1daycup v3 (flashy eron frauwe) http://result.tourney.cc/brackets/
unbrained cup v6 (foxy fritsie ...) http://unbrainedcup.tourney.cc/brackets/
Coldfire 8teams1cup II v2 (flashy, dray, nunca, kosk, ati_ , jo0f , overboost) http://www.coldfirecup.org/index.php?site=brackets&cup_id=140
Coldfire 8teams1cup II v3 (sile flashy foxy fritsie flocky sec) http://www.coldfirecup.org/index.php?site=details&cup_id=157
One Day Cup 6on6 fastum (sile flashy foxy fritsie koral vanq/hope/inseh) http://fastum.tourney.cc/brackets/

4-2 executors.t6s
4-2 exantic
4-0 astrum
4-0 uSoldiers aego
1st of group
1st round playoffs: 4-0 stupidG
2nd round playoffs: 1-0 wave
4-0 Dr Kapitan Clan
4-2 re-play kajastus
1-0 kikolo
4-0 Masuj Dzika
1-0 PokerFace
1st of group
4-2 mySTEEL
4-0 nutsacks
4-0 wave
1-0 razzia

Our fangirls: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBFReYk1Yko

6o6 Summercup 2007 (menTiz)
3o3 Benelux 2006 (aClmx)
5o5 ladder Europe (dystopiA - menTiz)
3o3 charism cup #2 (dysoptiA)
3o3 charism cup #3 (dystopiA)
3o3 tac2 cup #2 (dystopiA)
3o3 cup easyMAKERS (aClmx)
6o6 Open Cup Spring 2007 (menTiz)
6o6 Echaoz Cup 2007 (menTiz)
6o6 Gear Cup 2007 (menTiz)
3o3 Gear Cup 2007(menTiz)
3o3 cWg cup #17 (dystopiA)
6o6 Freshcorecup #6 (dystopiA)
3o3 Freshcorecup #5 (dystopiA)
AntiClimax 2010
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http://www.google.be, #r@g