TeamMuppet | Hide & Seek

version 2.2.1

new to version 2.2.1 (Micha!):
  • added save & load commands
  • added rcon/ref typofix
  • added badbalance check to allow switching teams if there is no player in allies team.

version 2.2:
  • Dynamic mapcycle system which auto skips large maps if there are less than 10 players
  • Possible to callvote maps by numbers they have in /maps (e.g /callvote map 1 , will load supply if passes)
  • Few bugfixes
  • Ratio for number of Axis Player on 1 Allied Player is now adjustable for admins

version 2.1:
  • Allies can now take medpacks
  • Axis life regeneration has been lowered from 5 to 3
  • Slots have been increased from 20 to 26 (+4 private)
  • Few bugfixes


  • Allies have to seek
  • Allies cannot be killed
  • Bugusing and exploiting is disallowed
  • Axis have to hide and revive eachother.
  • Axis cannot be gibbed


  • All health/ammorack have been disabled
  • Speclocked Axis
  • All MG42 removed
  • 25 seconds Blackscreen wait mode for Allies team
  • Unlimited sprint and ammo
  • Baywatchmode: If u die in water u get moved back to spawn
  • Anti gib script
  • Anti allies kill script
  • Auto teambalancer if more thAn 5 players
  • Mapvoting now 20 seconds disabled after mapchange/restart
  • Special mapscripts for Hide&Seek
  • Revivespree and killingspree with sound announce and stats save
  • HealthBoost script (faster hp regeneration)
  • Weird mapvotes will automatically load orginal mapname to make sure mapscripts are correctly loaded. eg. "/callvote map SupPlY" will result in loading "map supply"
  • MapVoted dedicated to the number of players playing, this means if less then 10 players only small ones voteable
  • JackTheRipper Mode

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1: Maplist

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thx to Jimriniho

thx to jONTE

thx to autumnius