[/IMG]](C) Snorfiets

The do not's of GermanycuttyP:

do not question GermanycuttyP, he is always right, even when he doesn't know the answer.
do not disturb GermanycuttyP while he's playing, he won't listen to you, even when you yell at him.
do not ask GermanycuttyP not to block, he will then block intentionally
do not play next to GermanycuttyP in defence, he'll teamkill you and then blame it on you
do not expect Germany cuttyP to finish any project he starts.
do not ask Germany cuttyP when he will be finished with his studies and will start to work.
do not ask Germany cuttyP to listen to rap music.
do not ask Germany cuttyP to tell a joke.
do not ask Germany cuttyP to follow you, he just won't.
do not tell Germany cuttyP about your mom, he will get horny.

Important people in GermanycuttyP's life:

United Kingdom TosspoT: we thank him for adding the P in cuttyP!

Germany cuttyP's parents: we're grateful for creating such a unique specimen as Germany cuttyP!

more to come soon...

You need help or advise?

feel free to pm me, or add me in msn: or icq: 49085872 or irc #iNmotion

if u want to be added pm inFi or wsk or... cuttyp!

Currently I have the following sponsorships to offer:

5 bnc's
2 ventservers (3.0)
warserver - only 14 slots though

Also, I got a cod4, Wolfenstein and a Quakewars Key to give out
if I know you well, I might be helpful in acquiring nuclear weapon ready plutonium for you

pm me if u need.

GermanycuttyP: Wait, don't ready up. I need my pencil (cause he cant write down spawntimes without it).

Quote MBudGeT on 28/10/06, 04:11:38 PM | Reply

Ban this stupid idiot

TosspoT on 03/12/06, 07:04:33 PM | Reply

kiwi jam? yuck
cuttyP on 03/12/06, 16:56:08 PM | Reply

never actually tried it, not even sure if it exists at all... but I'd love it ;)


image: cuttypapproval