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Hungarydekszter Tuesday, 16th November 2010 00:40
learn this: thefinest has never luck on adler, they always win as they want, if they want to win 1 sec before the end, they'll win 1 sec before the end.
belive me, i played against them alot..

Belgiumzeto: lol you guys are fucking retarted on this map :D
Belgiumzeto: you win because u play like a fucking monkey

Sierra Leone<mamut|JaKaZc> jezuz fucking christ
after beating them when they had like 60 wins without loss in cb 2vs2 ladder

GermanyrAKJI: next time play luger only
GermanyrAKJI: then we might have a lil chance :D

FinlandJiPp0: nii kaua ku ei pelata adlerii on saumat

Germanystray: useless to play adler vs u
Germanystray: cause ur unbeatable there


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ESL Fall 2010 2vs2 premier
ESL Spring 2009 2vs2 3rd div.
Clanbase OpenCup Fall 2010 2vs2 premier
Clanbase OpenCup Fall 2011 2vs2 premier

ET United 3on3 ODC IV
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