We got zeh bestest taste!
CheeseBoiz formerly known as team-pwS (play with Style)
non-stop-pwning since we were born

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» Information:

image: 10 CheeseBoiz™ is an 3on3 image: game_et team playing under the flag of #vitality.et
and being sponsored by www.sHiZo.eu

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image: de (GEEZ) mezz <3
image: de (GEEZ) sHiZo :p
image: de (GEEZ) kaily x)

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GEEZ - Schon geezahlt? :)

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image: de (GEEZ) Brooks :o)
image: de (GEEZ) aAAl :x

» Leagues active:

We are participating in the upcoming ESL Spring Season '09.

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We are also participating in the ESL ET 3on3 Ladder, feel free to challege us!
Current Rank: *not ranked yet*

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» Servers:

Hart aber Herzlich (warserv)
#vitality.et Matchserver (1)
#vitality.et ETTV 1
#vitality.et ETTV 2
#vitality.et ETTV 3


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http://www.CheeseBoiz.de.be/, ##vitality.et

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