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So. This was our first ETTV war.. Everybody stressed and still thinking "I'll Fail" xD
We were sure we would lose this and still we did our best to get the best out it..
There map was supply. We knew this would be a huge fail and we tryed to attack as good as possible but ye. (2-0.)
Our map now ^^ B4. We kept our courage and fighted to the last second. Won with 1 sec left. (2-2)
3rd map. They won there cointoss with HEADS so they choosed Adler. We fist at attack and we putted the clock on 3:30. so not a bad time. But we lost thisone also. Shit happens :z (4-2)

Wp m8's of unhitable (zombi, pechek)
Wp 9th dimension.. :x ^^
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