What are we going to do tonight, Brain?
The same as always Pinky:
"6on6 ET now haveserv!" until we fall asleep.

[19:50]@Malaki: I LOVE YOU TMUHH!!!11

image: foto_enemyterritory




I'm a renegade
back out motherfucker
you better tap out
boo hoo you're crying baby
where you at now?
cause i've been looking for you
me and my people we are ready
and we're looking for truth
so come and get this
make it hurt you know i love it when you
test this
put me up into a corner
be a witness
yea this is critical mass
we invite the revolution
we ignite the power


delinquentes got powned!!11
just ridicoulus, here is the ESL protest answers:

Notorious: Admin
Cokeser, Malaki: Renegades
magico: whining faggot
#1 | 18.12.09 23:05
Hello both teams,

This match is not arranged yet and the matchweek is coming to its end.
Please agree on a new match date during the next 24h otherwise a def win is granted to the more active team.

Kind regards,
Notorious, ESL Admin
delinQ magico
#2 | 19.12.09 16:19
hi,we are trying to fix a date for this match;we can play monday,wednesday or next sunday,greetings
#3 | 20.12.09 21:28
Hello advanced Gamers united,
hello Delinqüentes,

Please reply in the next 24 hours on this ticket aGu, or a win is granted to Delinquentes.

Best regards,
Notorious, ESL Admin
gTw. Cokeser
#4 | 20.12.09 23:08
We will play the match tomorrow 21:15 CET. I'd like to point out that aGu accepted to play it after the real matchweek, for the sake of a fair match and to not get a defwin. :)
delinQ magico
#5 | 21.12.09 02:26
ok Cokeser,tomorrow monday at 21:15 CET then,btw we havent server,if you got one give me ip here or on IRC please.

Tnx for understanding,greetings
delinQ magico
#6 | 21.12.09 23:00
well,lets start with the action :p

-1st of all,my team is asking me for Cokeser & Malaki demos(still waiting for Cokeser demos)

-2nd:They were using referee the whole match as you can see in this screenshot(we advised them about it already as you can see on the demos)


-3rd:We were playing on their server,and it seemed that was a pb server.However,as you can see in the following screenshot,it wasnt:


-4th:When i asked cokeser for demos,this was his answer:

[22:35] == magico was kicked from #aGu.et by aGu`Cokeser [Q-banned!]

#7 | 21.12.09 23:10
hahaha you got kicked for pissing us off with your whine and flame shit. since it's our irc channel i dont see a connection to this game.

as for the rest look at my comment on the match screen.
gTw. Cokeser
#8 | 21.12.09 23:12
Demos are uploaded here as it is stated in the rules. I kicked you from our channel, because you accused me of being busted which is totally bullshit. I asked for your proof, you just told me that someone told you that I got busted. I asked for an apology, which you refused to give, so you got banned. That's the frist point.

Yout screenshot shows tmuhh being a ref before the match. As it can be seen in the demos by me and Malaki, no ref abuse was done. No pause was set via referee, nothing. So what are you complaining about?

As it can also be seen in our demos a spec of us who connected in the last map got kicked by PUNKBUSTER, so I don't know why the server is stated as punkbuster 0. Anyway, you accepted to play on this server beforehand so don't whine about it afterwards.

I don't get why you try to get a defwin now, after we could have had one already because YOU couldn't play within the matchweek. That's the most unfair behaviour I've seen in 5 years of ET. Congratulations.
delinQ magico
#9 | 22.12.09 17:16
-1st of all,why should I apologize to you for saying that someone told me that you got busted?Who the hell do you think you are?GOD?xD

-2nd:What a fucking lier you are,that screens shows your mate tmuhh with referee when round 2 is going to start,and he was with referee all the whole match even when we noticed it and told him to ref logout.I dont care about if he didnt make ref abuse,a player just CANT BE REFEREE while the match is being played.

-3rd:We didnt accept to play on your server,we just played there coz our server was down.When we started to play we saw that your server sucked and it was a NO PB server as you can see on my screenshot;so as you can see on the demos and on the screens,at the end of goldrush i tried to give you our ip & pw @ IRC and you rejected it(according to the rules we can play 1 map on each server).

-About your last sentence,that proofs that you must be mentally slowly,we tried to contact you for serveral times all the week,but your only answer was "we will play on sunday".So WTF are you saying about that WE COULDNT PLAY within the matchweek if you only agreed to play it on sunday??we could play it last week almost any day and you rejected,so we should took default win instead of keep playing against german nerds which even dont know to fix a date on IRC as everybody do

And i dont care about how much time are you playing ET,but you called us nolifers and you have been playing a ONLINE game for 5 years,so who is the nolifer here? xD

Thats all,thx for forfeit.
gTw. Cokeser
#10 | 22.12.09 21:05
I never accused anybody of being a nolifer, but arguing about an war that badly because you want to win it at all costs is nothing I expect from an intelligent person, who claims to be well-adapted to social life.

How can you see on the demos that tmuhh was referee the whole match? Tbh I don't know whether he was or not, because there was nothing in this match which was done by a referee. Your screenshot just shows that tmuhh was a referee before a round started, not even which round. And because NO referee action was taken within the whole match, your whole point is kinda...I don't know...ridiculous, don't you think?

You said to me that you don't have a server, that's why we need to play it on ours. In my sense of reality that IS accepting our server. It's right that you suggested to play on yours and that we didn't reacted enthuiastically because of that, but before I could get on IRC you already stated that we keep playing on it. So we did just as YOU wanted. Where's the problem in that? Demos proof that PB is installed, so what's the problem there?

Please step back from accusing and insulting. I provided my demos - are there any scenes in it which show any kind of hack?
We tried our best to PLAY this match for the sake of fairness and fun. I really don't get why you are acting as you are now. It's a game, dude. We won the match, accept it.

Btw - I don't think that you are the one who has the right to call it a forfeit.
gTw. Cokeser
#11 | 22.12.09 21:25
"It's right that you suggested to play on yours and that we didn't reacted "

...wanted to add: After the 1st match.
gTw. Cokeser
#12 | 22.12.09 21:25
map* -.-
#13 | 22.12.09 23:19
btw why did we play at all? could have just forfeited it when they couldn't play in matchweek...

too bad we like the game.
#14 | 23.12.09 09:05
ohh yea btw

"-About your last sentence,that proofs that you must be mentally slowly,"

those sentences were the reason we kicked you from our irc channel... cant be asked to talk to idiots like you if we dont have to.
delinQ magico
#15 | 24.12.09 00:36
This is just to notorious,following the rules they break at least these:

5.2.1. Choice of server
In case a game-server is needed for the game, the players must provide a server for the game themselves and come to an agreement on which server to use. In case no agreement can be reached, each team decides on a map which is then played on each of the two team’s servers. The teams can of course play on a completely neutral server, if they decide to do so.

As i said,they didnt want to play then 2nd map on our server as you can see on the demos.

5.2.2. Server settings
The server settings mentioned in the various game rules (e.g. config. values) must be used. All server settings must be checked before the match begins. As soon as the match begins, the players therewith accept the set configurations.

Should any changes in the server settings take place during a running game, the server administrator is to be informed immediately. In case of a protest, it must be proven using screenshots and /or demos.

One player of them was with referee all the whole match(even if he didnt use referee while the match was been played he just CANT BE REFEREE) + there were no pb enable on the server as you can see on the screenshots i uploaded.

Thats all Notorious,please check it when you can,greetings
#16 | 24.12.09 01:08
dude, honestly this is ridicoulus.

let me state the rules as you did :

"As soon as the match begins, the players therewith accept the set configurations."

so you 'readyed' up meaning: you accepted to play on our server.
so no point broken "no pb server" which was not the case. get it? guess no but i hope anyone with an IQ above let's say maybe about 20 get's it.

"in case a game-server is needed for the game"
was needed you didn't have one we proposed ours (you accepted by reading up).
"the players must provide a server for the game themselves and come to an agreement on which server to use."
we provided you agreed by 'pressing f3'.
"In case no agreement can be reached," just didn't happen since you agreed. so rest is irrelevant.

as for your last paragraph:
"One player of them was with referee all the whole match(even if he didnt use referee while the match was been played he just CANT BE REFEREE) + there were no pb enable on the server as you can see on the screenshots i uploaded."
1st there was pb.
2nd where is the rule stating "there can not be a referee in some round on some game"?
you just said yourself "no pls no ref mimimi i shit my pants" (to say it in your language).
you did not find any rule stating that if no ref abuse was done but a ref was logged in you get a forfeit simply because there is none. if we paused by ref: ok. legitimate. still ridicoulus but legitimate. but we didn't.

i just don't get why you are on to this like it's your fucking life. it was just a simple game. we won. who cares.

just accept the fact that you lost.

and please i beg you one last time in a reasonable way:

just stop whining about it. not like anyone cheated. not like we abused ref. not anything. it was a normal match. period.
get over it.

seriously im sorry but this behaviour is starting to piss me off.

greets Malaki
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