ET: United KingdomWakizashiuk United Kingdomh3lix United KingdomSkydeh BelgiumSh1zzle Netherlands Ati_

HoN: United KingdomWakizashiuk United KingdomSkydeh NetherlandsAti_ United KingdomRastastic ItalyElihbk Germany Predinio Poland Dialer Europe IPracHere

BRINK: United KingdomWakizashiuk United KingdomSkydeh United KingdomGoso United KingdomJMZ BelgiumSneeK NorwaySnuble Germanyasmogan BelgiumShizzle

COD4: United KingdomWakizashiuk United KingdomSTEEV United KingdomGoso United KingdomJMZ United KingdomRas

Quote by Ross mad @ brink[22:47] <@anexis-R0SS> amazing, now i have to put up with g5 bullshit
[22:54] <@Decerto|kevin> they're the better team bro, get used to it

Greatest mix team in the Universe.... Playa
blunt gaming 3v3 cup

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g5 dog
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g5 baby

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image: HatersGonnaHate

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