Made into playoffs of RtCW Cup IV! (finished 7th)

Best team ever!!!!


Estonia ZeD (ex estonia.rtcw)
Spain CiD (ex -MoH-)
France drkje (ex eZbh)
Netherlands kArma (ex cKy)
Norway rivendale (ex Kno I Hörn)
Italy art (ex indomitus)

Germany ver1tas (ex 535)
Estonia CD7 (ex estonia.rtcw)
Estonia hel (ex aZe)
Estonia RommY (ex aZe)
Estonia fangs (ex fallanx)
Estonia Evil Purc (ex Rewind)
Netherlands Ramzi (ex GMPO)
Netherlands vis (ex iAm.rtcw)
Netherlands Reni (ex raw)
Germany denn1z (ex highBot)
Estonia Sac (estonia.rtcw)
Norway bob (ex
United Kingdom DtSje (ex aZe)
Circle of Haste - RtCW
Contact information, #COH

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