6on6 ESL 6on6 Summer Cup Div 2 2012
CB Summercup 6on6 '09 6th League
OC 2nd division 5on5 2010
6on6 CB Summer Cup Div 3 2012
Played OC Premier, ended third in group
WC 5on5 2010 group c
OC 5on5 spring 2010 group g
CB 6on6 ladder for about 2 weeks
OC 2nd division 6on6 '09 playoffs
ECC 6on6 version III and IV

Active in:[/b]
Enemy Territory Stopwatch CB 6on6 ladder
ESL 6on6 Ladder


image: nl esSe (c)
image: nl Ap0c
image: no Hexagon
image: gb Nips
image: gb Element
image: in rAmbo

image: fi toNi
image: fi dTEC7
image: fi epo
image: gb roDs


Master esSe, guide us.
Master esSe, teach us.
Master esSe, protect us.
In your light we thrive.
In your mercy we are sheltered.
In your wisdom we are humbled.
We live only to serve you.
Our lives belong to you.


image: 104527746-4

toNi's reason for inactivity[/u]

]Ap0c: why u wont be avi btw?
toNi: cause im not home
Ap0c: hmmrlmbl
toNi: i sleep every night @ my gfs place
toNi: except when she got night shift
Ap0c: dude
Ap0c: u are like what
Ap0c: 18/19?
toNi: 19
Ap0c: and u sleep there every night :/
Ap0c: zomg
toNi: so?
toNi: :D
Ap0c: yeh okay sex for u each night
Ap0c: but I couldnt do it
Ap0c: I wanna sleep in my king size bed by myself a few night, otherwise I always wake up tired
toNi: yeah,but if i suggest anything like this she goes RAWRR
toNi: =D


For the fans which we do not have:

Don decided to leave erAse.et because things weren't working out for him the way he wanted to.
He will remain to be our leet back up boy though! gl with everything Don. We are sorry things didn't work out the way they should've :( we still love u though, you Austrian boobie!

Also, esSe and Ap0c finally have eachothers phonenumber. They will send eachother textmessages each morning and evening about how much they are missing eachother. Phonesex will also be a common feature in erAse.et from now on. PM either of us for the numbers, we'll be more than happy to include you.

Hexagon just left on his springbreak trip to Mexico, we all hope that he will come back alive otherwise we will have to go to Norway for the funeral and he aint worth the money. Come home soon Runo! Also, if you don't bring us any presents, we will kick you out of the team :)

Ap0c had sex yesterday with his latest whore. The name's Aisha and esSe almost disturbed him when he was giving her a doggypunch. We all wish him the best with the latest slut in his collection, and hope it will turn out better than with his ex, Geertje. (which is a perfectly normal name, fu esSe)

It seems like it is now official! Believe it or not, but after 21 years of masturbation esSe has finally lost his virginity! His prize, named Esther, had the following to say: "I was really surprised by Mike's soft and tender side, there might even be a small chance that I will do him again!"
dEvine Gaming #erAse.et would like to congratulate esSe with his achievement, good job son!

Ap0c managed to get himself in the picture once again. This time its obvious that hes using a huge ammount of drugs, considering that he thinks that Geertje is a normal name for a chick. Geertje had the following to say: ''I can't believe him, first he dumps me, claiming it was because of my name, and now he's saying its a perfectly normal name. WHY ARE YOU LYING TO ME??!!''
Ap0c himself said the following about the situation: "Nerds gonna get rolled".
Let's hope Ap0c will go into rehab soon so that he can shed some proper light on the situation!

[22.58]Ap0c's girlfriend, Aisha, has been diagnosed with aids. We're awaiting the response of Ap0c to this sad news.
[23.01]Ap0c about the situation: "I would like to apologise to her parents. I really shouldn't have stuck those heroin needles in her eyes while I was doing her without a condom. But what can I say, I don't get off without the kinky stuff :(".
It is obvious that Ap0c can't be blamed for this sad accident.

Ladies and gentleman!
After countless fuck-ups and let-downs, our beloved leader NetherlandsesSe has set his eye out for a new female prey. As far as we could understand, she listens to the name Alexandra, which is a perfectly normal name ... for a science fiction character. As we speak, esSe is already planning on cleaning up his room for her arrival. This must mean he has big plans with this one. Let us hope that he doesn't overdo it like he did last time. Our sources tell us that Esther is still in rehab because of the nasty form of down syndrome esSe handed over to her as a sexual disease.
I am sure this story will get a tail, so be sure to #erAse.et for the story of a lifetime!

Ap0c : got an offi for tonight?
dTEC7: no
Ap0c : WTF
Ap0c : okay no cool
Ap0c : let's just prac :)
dTEC7: well i thought esse would have locked himself at wc again and was wanking for some mag girls and saying hes with his gf to u cos hes jealous cos u have a gf and pretends that the king of nerds has a gf too + he didnt know we have prac/offi today
dTEC7: owned.

image: esse-lights3
You buy cigarettes, I buy bot.

image: 101_img
He will kick the shit out of you if you insult us!

image: 2e4vwpd

About BossHK's time in the army:[/u]

BossHK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVwluBZOcWI
BossHK: <3
BossHK: :P
Ap0c: what does the title mean
Ap0c: Porin Prikaatin miehet taisteluharjoituksissa - llves08
Ap0c: I lold
BossHK: Pori Brigade's men in battle training
BossHK: Ilves08 is name of that training
Ap0c: k
Ap0c: but did you do simular stuff? :D
BossHK: like what?
Ap0c: was your army time like this?
Ap0c: running around through the woods with guns
Ap0c: with fake bulletsounds everywhere
BossHK: ye i was in forest pretty much since i was medic in sissy company
BossHK: though i didn make any medic things, just some sissy things lol
Ap0c: this is soooo making my day
BossHK: -.-
Ap0c: did you try smoke tactics?
BossHK: xd
BossHK: sissy = that sneaky guys near/behind enemy lines
BossHK: u know
Ap0c: ah okay :P
Ap0c: mister spy
BossHK: ye

Special training video for esse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9xyokUaTXo

Special 60acc.HK stuff: http://z13.invisionfree.com/lawclan/index.php?showtopic=1611

Ap0c: if I had one day to live
Ap0c: I'd fuck a hooker, go skydiving
Ap0c: see my family for 2 minutes
Ap0c: and then get so drunk that I wouldnt know the difference between left and right
nippss: lol
Ap0c: guess I would smoke a spliff or 2 as well
nippss: only 2 ?!
nippss: smoke 10
nippss: :D
Ap0c: dunno
Ap0c: if I do that I wouldnt be able to drink as much as I want
nippss: just do both
nippss: izi
nippss: get really fucked
nippss: then throw up everywhere
Ap0c: or drink myself to hell and smoke spliffs while receiving blow job by two girls, one sucking my nuts the other streaming the cock
Ap0c: =win
nippss: :D
nippss: 1 sticking tongue up ur bum hole :DD
Ap0c: :DDD
Ap0c: no thnx
Ap0c: whaha
Ap0c: nasty booger
nippss: why not ur dying
nippss: treat yourself
nippss: :DD
Ap0c: hahaha
Ap0c: bet you would let a bitch do that
nippss: dunno
Ap0c: then again, I dont rly think you can pay a hooker to lick your a-hole
nippss: i bet you could
nippss: they are whores
Ap0c: :D
nippss: they do anything for money
Ap0c: long live the hookers!


OMG OMG OMG, our beloved DonMatthias is back with us!! <3

Ap0c amad


Photos of our insanely cool squad:

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gallery will get expanded when I get back home :D
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