EVU 5on5 Fallcup 2010
ESL 5on5 Fall League 2010 Premier Div.

5on5 League Matches

Matches Won: 10
Matches Lost: 5

United Kingdom Artstar
Germany boNg
Finland flashdown
Finland maza
Iceland phyzic
Iceland rNz

Russia jago
Netherlands saKen

August - December 2010 RIP

Germany wEAK: wp, disgusting lagger team though :-X
Poland syriusZ: wtf hackers united
Finland chmpp: yeh, turbot getting bashed by hackers united is always fun :)
United Kingdom KAMZ: heard phyzic is cheating :)
Denmark fryzer: phyzic new maus
Italy mama: just skill
United Kingdom Baggiez: Carnifex.et ... MORE LIKE CHEATERFAX.ET AMIRITE
United Kingdom Nyke: Its funny how a clan with a 'suspect' cheater in it recruits another 'suspect' cheater and another 'suspect' cheater.

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