We're pro norrtis !
We play only one day per week (:D!)
You can say: 1 day per week isn't norrti but I would tell you that:
That day is saturday night :XD
We whine in FIN even if we're all EUs\USAs in vent.

Dear Aksu,
this team was made for you, to keep you up in our memories =D We are fucking gays (we all love you) meybe except azuKi since she's a girl (but she loves you too of course). We all are watching your photos on facebook (that's a joke), we are highlighting you on irc, we hope there will be an answer but there isn't (fucking hell !).

So we are all missing FinlandAksu. He left us due to finnish army :( We all know he've trained his body for around 1 year, now let's see if he come back kicked off out of there or not!

As we also know, United States of AmericaazuKi has detected a conspiracy. She knows it well that FinlandAksu just playes et in real life... that can't be true but you see :( We just hope he won't die there and come back to make us happy again (yes, we need the last nerd to be a fully team).

To remember about him very well (damn, he's in our hearts, it's impossible to forgot him but still), we decided to make a new team called Finland [TEAM-AKSU].

- Finland [TEAM-AKSU] rafek
- Finland [TEAM-AKSU] azuKi
- Finland [TEAM-AKSU] j1nx
- Finland [TEAM-AKSU] Gungy
- Finland [TEAM-AKSU] Woony


- Finland [TEAM-AKSU] Aksuu

Our pro logo, we fucking own, west coast motherfuckers ! And sorry Gungy, it's shame they didn't put you into it *haha* but I don't know?! (shit sentence is shit) - Francis (C)

We have already powned GermanyGungy and company while playing against them (yes he is betreing us). But Gungy, don't worry about that, we still love you man <3 !

But to make this team done, I want to write some things about each norrti.

There is too much to write about this nerdy guy. He speaks a lot, like 1337 words per second. He likes talking to himself. He's proud of calling him "THE BEST TRUCK DRIVER" (it's only truck, becose tank don't think). When you say on ventrilo "THEY SEE ME ROLLIN', THEY HATIN'" you can have fun during 5 minutes of his laughing. He's very crazy person. We all know he's fanboying Polanddialer ! Want some proofs? (@rafek`) you got any 3rd?
(@francis) nop
(@francis) i got dialer
(@francis) :XDDDDDDDDd
(@francis) <@D|4L3R> KIKOOOOOOOOO FRANCIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! :o))))))))))
(@francis) <@D|4L3R> yo francis
(@francis) <+francis> practicing CP attack I guess?
(@francis) <@D|4L3R> !:D
(@francis) seriousy u say shit man polish is the coolest nation on ET
(@francis) says enouh.
I think it's enough to write about this nerd. Excatly, if you want to know him more, feel free to spam him, he answers at every question and is very friendly ! :)

Finland RAFEK
I can't write about myself =D but Francis was the one who made it for me.

He is our "quote provider" and makes us laugh everytime he wants to say something on vent because his polish accent rules. He always tries to give us some tactics but we don't listen to him since our damage given or experience points are more important. He lives in Poland with his "fog" and he loves speaking about his shit and pee (we're still speaking about the dog).

Rafek while gaming:

sponge: GO MEDIC SO
rafek: NO!

Poland rafek: I listen to music from computer by microwave.
Poland rafek: I need to enjoy my config because i have some shits there.

Finland NISMO
The english guy, mr "I came/I'm comming" laugher. Also known as best medic around who heals every soul which is moving. He always wanted to have e-fame. He does spam crossfire every day, he's still unknown for some of you for sure =( He know's Francis, he tells it everywhere where he can, just give this guy some e-fame and he will be fanboying you for life :D

Finland SPONGE
This guy used to have an orgasm when he played against Italymama ! He hates cheaters, and nades of course (there is a nade, it's a trap :D). We all know he's the sexies italiano, since United States of AmericaazuKi called him like that. He eats pizzas and drink wine.

Finland azuKi
This nerdy girl from the USA plays with us. "WEST COAST" for the win! She's rambo engineer. When she made tank on goldrush first attack in around 30seconds, she had an orgasm just like Italy sponge :D "and who's the best engy, who?! who?! who ?!" - the quote says it all. She's kinda nolife so if you want a pro engy merc don't hesitate to pm her.

Finland j1nx
The portuguese guy, mr. "I have real life, wtf you want?!" He's real freak, he's accent makes him more freak :D I know he still likes us so I can still flame him much! There is not so many words to describe him.

Finland Gungy
The triva god ! If you want to google something, better irc #follow.et and ask him, you will get the answer for sure. He knows all. He's spamming irc every day, he's the next nerd just next to Francis.

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