playin Beta
havin keys
havin fun

This is the Home of ETPlayer's that like to play BattleField:BadCompany2 also!
Everyone idle & stay @Quakenet

image: battlefield_bad_company_2_header_550

Our ingame Accountnames[/b]]

In that order: normal nick @ "ingame_nick"

Germany sHiZo @ "shiizo"
Netherlands adeto @ "adeto"
Germany FimS @ "FimS"
Germany asmogan @ "asmogan"
Malta Killerboy @ "killerboyMT"
Germany SHIVaO @ "SHIVaO"
Estonia duNzy @ "duNzy"
Spain Th0r @ "Chirimoshi"
France mamouth @ "nakuapina"
Germany HugTheSub @ "mti_"
Germany duKe_ @ "duKenat0r"
Germany _shiNe_ @ "ElLoco"
Netherlands Juize @ "Juize"
Austria laguNa @ "laguNa"
Germany blAckmAmbA @ "blAckmAmbA"
Germany Saeufer @ "saeufer"
Germany Focus263 @ "Focus263"
Hungary _bAlu @ "balusiu"

... tell me your nick to be displayed here ...

We use the TAG "" infront of our account names.

add us to friendlist and join our squad! :-)

Ventrilo Server[/b]]
thanks to Netherlands adeto <3 for the vent channel

PORT: 4069
Version: 3.0
pw: bfbc2

Other BFBC2 related Journals of Tips Tricks etc:

tips for fps improvement:

bfbc2 simple configurator:
image: lisedasconfig

some beta gameplay videos:

Place to report Bugs etc.
Contact information,