#SoNA.et style

ESL 3rd Winter League 5on5 2011
3rd League OC Spring 2010 2on2
3rd League SC 2010 2on2
6th League SC 2010 5on5
3rd League SC 2010 3on3
5th League WC 2010 3on3
ClangBang III 12on12 with LoFT
some 3v3 ESL Cup (which only metatron remember?!)
Liga4Fun 10th Edition 3on3

loosing adler in 1.09 secs
loosing grush in 7mins and winning in 5 :)))
image: tssssssss

ownage 6n6 lu:
Germany flR
Austria v1ech
Poland jKr
Poland gooly
United Kingdom flex
Europe ?

imba backups:
Poland funky
Germany jOn
Poland Dim
Austria n3co

United Kingdom unblind
Finland Karii
Germany slay0r
Germany meta

troll hard song!
REMIX BY PolandjKr


Austria v1ech showing his true face and feelings!
Contact information

http://clanbase.ggl.com/claninfo.php?cid=1503244, #sona.et