5th-8th ET SW 2on2 Open Cup Spring 2011 ; Fourth League
ET SW 2on2 Open Cup Fall 2010 ; Fourth League
Place in the Group | ET SW 2on2 Open Cup Spring 2011

#Da.Unbeatables 3on3 Cup (S:II) 2011
Quarter-final SUMBOLE 3on3 Cup (S:V) 2011
#3th/6 Place in the Group | ET SW 3on3 Open Cup Spring 2011
#4th/6 Place in the Group | ET SW 3on3 Open Cup Fall 2010

CLANBASE: hEyo! have played a total of 122 matches, of which they challenged 93 themselves.

+ Team hEyo! (2010/2011) *Clan created 08.2010

hEyo! PolandrABit
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: dcc2fd766a1fbf86c3db28f821975d16
ETpro guid: 0F56F5157370008286ED6615BCED1CFFEF62F07A
ETpro guid: E1F4F21A2D24C28879CEE2B051F2B86E3A53F0CF (new)[/hide]
hEyo! PolandDaWiDsOn
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: 35dcc8605bfacfbf2c42915615c1399a
ETpro guid: 98C209AFBA98BE05E61FD57D79A6F3748A4F15B7[/hide]
hEyo! PolandRoZpr0
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: fa1731d9d7ea99bf2bf4e946be5b24ff
ETpro guid: C718DFE3D65CCABAD560EC51442C1377E95CE677[/hide]

hEyo! Polandicesun
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ETpro guid: [/hide]
hEyo! Polandeonian
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ET PB guid:
ETpro guid:[/hide]
hEyo! Polandfuxor
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: 548b265fa9934fb52042de1712eb98a3
ETpro guid: 7E359CDA987A1A5DA02BDDCFEB00E0EF4CC62147[/hide]
hEyo! PolandFreze
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: ff5081e600267dad94d9ef276d07f682
ETpro guid: 9DBEA9AF2354864B6E05BE5ABA88A81F358C4598[/hide]
hEyo! PolandbRobo
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: bd9e83b088dd0bda604758ef808ce4ce
ETpro guid: D0F38DE7C4331741C88AA971E7B74DB1C90C1F93A[/hide]
hEyo! Polands4tans
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid:
ETpro guid: [/hide]
hEyo! Polandvizaqu
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: 3c86d43de7ab3e78effe0b12a08cf972
ETpro guid: 6A4E6E513F28BAB96856647F5DBD3FA152850CCF[/hide]
hEyo! PolandKieraS
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ET PB guid:
ETpro guid:[/hide]
hEyo! Polandkor3k
SLAC guid:

ET PB guid:
ETpro guid:[/hide]
hEyo! Polandmientus
SLAC guid:
ET PB guid: 13401312ad41c4b71ccc13de1e11fced
ETpro guid: F22FF993F005B6B62F13002CA5D7ECE07842B227[/hide]

Active Leagues:

Inactive League:
+ ET Clan Base Stopwatch 2on2 Leader | :: Matches[/b]]

+ ET Clan Base Stopwatch 3on3 Leader | :: Matches[/b]]

+ ET SW 2on2 CB OpenCup Fall October 2010 | :: Matches [/b]]
Poland hEyo! 4:0 Portugal Uns Quaisqueres (Group)
Poland hEyo! 4:0 Europe Rebel (Group)
Poland hEyo! 4:0 Poland ESTE (Group)
Poland hEyo! 4:0 Germany AwesomeFail0rs (Quarter Final)
Poland hEyo! 4:0 France consul (Semi Final)
Poland hEyo! 0:4 Europe Personality Team (Final)

+ ET SW 3on3 CB OpenCup Fall October 2010 | :: Matches [/b]]
Poland hEyo! 2:4 Finland jeppis.et (Group)
Poland hEyo! 4:2 Poland Gonna Pwn! (Group)
Poland hEyo! 1:0 Finland Vieteri (Group)
Poland hEyo! 0:3 France consul (Group)
Poland hEyo! 0:4 Norway HAYASTAN (Group)

+ ET SW 2on2 CB OpenCup Spring 2011| :: Matches[/b]]
Poland hEyo! 3:1 Finland Z Salamapartio (Group)
Poland hEyo! 4:0 Europe So Nyeo Shi Dae (Group)
Poland hEyo! 1:0 Czech Republic Sreally obvious bots (Group)
Poland hEyo! 1:0 Poland default (Group)
Poland hEyo! 2:4 Germany SCHUBKRAFT (Playoff)

+ ET SW 3on3 CB OpenCup Spring 2011 | :: Matches[/b]]
Poland hEyo! 4:0 Poland default (Group)
Poland hEyo! 1:0 Netherlands Ev!lt (Group)
Poland hEyo! 0:4 Russia etcfg (Group)
Poland hEyo! 0:1 Europe Pornoping (Group)

Notes: | ts26.net-speak.pl:3350

*20 August 2010
23:46 Clan created as 'arystokracja'
*21 August 2010
23:23 Click to edit Changed clanname to "hEyo!"

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