CG EU ET Season 1 Division 4

Official Wars: CLICK

6on6 Lineup:

Finland Mirqli
Finland naku
Finland Sherclock
Finland Fat
Finland Purska
Finland rEEtyy


Finland antzi
Finland Bloxzz
Finland Serge Ibaka
Finland BossHK

image: zzvg

Mirqli's TJ Movies:
Alpha Males

Alpha Male Knows what he wants from women and goes after it. Comfortably and confidently takes the lead when appropriate. Knows who he is and is not afraid to express his true personality around people. Doesn't fear being judged, ridiculed or picked on for being himself. Is calm, confident and in control around any woman. Feels the desire to approach women, talk to them and move towards sex and does it without fear. Women are turned on by his alpha male approach.

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