image: 848r
image: cupgold #1 on Trackbase and Splatterladder twice yay

image: cupgold 1st place In group C winter league (4th division flawless wins)

image: cupgold Won 1st place Winter League 2011/2012 4th Division

image: cupgold Won 1st place Fall CB 2012 3rd Division

Some cool Information about us:

Controlled-Gaming was created in 2009, by Finland dTEC7.
We play wars and sometimes officials.
We occasionally enjoy public servers besides wars, ETpub, Jaymod, NQ, you name it, we play it, (but not all of our Members, some only play Etpro)

We have over 30 Members, so don't think we are a small Clan :p

We are relaxed guys, we like to joke around, laugh, and call each other names but it's all playful and not serious.
So we do have a sense of Humor.

» cTRL is technically a serious "Project", so we are not some silly 1 week Team, this is serious business.
We are a organized Clan, we treat each other with great respect. But we believe in "give respect to get respect", piss one of us off intentionally and you will be treated like the asshole you are.. «

WarTeam Lineup:

United States of America Equanimity ©

Finland dTEC7

England Gnome

United Kingdom Prodigy

Finland BossHK

United States of America ipod


Canada CrimZon Netherlands stib Belgium Glenn Germany hAVOC! United Kingdom SL Netherlands Legadema

Finland Legion Germany g4mma

Contact information #ctrl.d