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<fumble> i'd be finnish if i was born in finland

<fumble> i'm better at headshotting than phyzic, he just does more headshots

<fumble> i'd kill them instantly if i did 3hs on them

<fumble> how can you call me gay when i masturbated this morning?

<fumble> i don't remember how the 3rd map went because a wasp stung me so i left

<fumble> i'm the best etplayer in et

<fumble> i wanted to go to lan but my mum said there is a miley cyrus concert that weekend

<fumble> i'd outaim them if i have the better aim

(all of us shouting at him because he was pushing spawn with objective)
<fumble> it's ok im unhit!

<fumble> i would have gibbed if i could actually gib him

<fumble> i fell up the stairs

<fumble> if my mouse1 wasn't broken i could aim like jonas

<fumble> im like the british sqzz

(mid conversation about owzo's GTV comments)
<17:51:08> owzo{: "where is fette" team sweden (pm to koop)
<17:51:17> owzo{: "where is fette" team sweden (pm to piegie)
<17:52:02> fumble: "

(fumble selfkills 1 second too late and gets full)
<fumble> I selfkilled but it wouldn't let me.

<fumble> I think that deserves a dd, also known as smileyface

<fumble> i wonder what it would be like if tosspot was shoutcasting this football match

<fumble> it was a kind of fail that only happens once in a lifetime.
<oLGa> but it happened twice tho

<fumble> guys pause my icecream is melting!

<22:12:43> "theycallmefumble" : i dont like dark chocolate it gives me headaches
<22:12:31> "theycallmefumble" : i had tests when i was younger
<22:12:41> "theycallmefumble" : im allergic to dark chocolate tomatoes
<22:12:43> "theycallmefumble" : and some other stuff

<koop> there's one brown doors
<fumble> there's one in the tall green grass as well!

<owzo> Fine I've got to test my net to Gloucester then
<fumble> Gloucester...
<fumble> That's in Scotland

<fumble> they call me Ace Face because I get so many aces in tennis

<fumble> the Huns? aren't they from Hungary?

<fumble> what kind of wings are those are they southern fried wings or just regular wings
<Artstar> ??
<owzo> what?
<fumble> you get southern fried chicken wings
<fumble> and you get those chicken breasts but on a wing

<fumble> have any of you guys noticed that a lot of the people in family guy are the voices in american dad too

<fumble> i leant on mouse3

<21:16:01> "fumble": this isnt a comedy convention
<21:16:03> "fumble": its a fucking lan

<fumble> why do they call people in et 'rambos'?
<Artstar> because in the rambo films he just ran around killing everyone
<fumble> yeah but I dont call sqzz 'florence knight'

<fumble> Getting kicked from an ET server hurts me more than getting kicked in real life

<fumble> The balls look nice too!

<fumble> Oh my god owzo! I'm aiming so good with your config!
<fumble> Oh, maybe it's just mAx chapter 3, I've still got that on in the background and I can hear all the headshots from that!

01:41:24°am (fumble) you sounde like a dalek on helium

(playing supply on last stage)
fumble: 2 top
kamz: where is top?
fumble: top of my screen

<fumble> isn't venezuela in italy?

<fumble> if you could have sex with any fictional character
<fumble> who would you choose?
<Artstar> your girlfriend

<fumble> 120 fov makes you run faster
<fumble> i don't mean you run faster, you just hit less walls

<fumble> at spawnway, they have to go through spawn.

(Tites shoots someone until he's almost dead, but then dies himself)
<Tites> 1 low
(fumble comes, misses all his bullets, dies and gets mad)
<fumble> He's not low at all!

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