A team founded by Finland Thomm and Netherlands SimonKinsler and with the help of United Kingdom Potty. Orginialy named Europe SK-Gaming , SimonKinsler-Gaming ((c) - Potty) but rather fast evovled into miNd's Casual Gamers eSports Club. The team became legendary right after the announcement that ET superstar Finland miNd has joined the line up, making his LAN debut. The teamname miNd's Casual Gamers was founded with inspiration of mPG,
Finland miNd
Germany Drago
Estonia Subbi
Netherlands Perfo
Sweden NuggaN
Finland Vanhaomena

QuoteThis LAN is going to be awesome, with miNd showing up it will be legendary
Scotland Sean

Quote(but on a serious note, we are there just to drink :)
if we get to playoffs, i say we havent taken enough
Finland Thomm

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miNd's Casual Gamers
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http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=clan&mode=item&id=7539, #mCG.adroits

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