Clanbase EuroCup '06
Clanbase Allstar Spring Cup '07
Clanbase OpenCup 1st Division '07
ESL Freizeitliga'06 Group A
Get-Liga 6on6
Evolution Cup 6on6

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» Informations:

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almighty oldsql Lineup:

image: de eXZ (cl)
image: de sHiZo
image: de mezz
image: de stath
image: de grafik
image: at kakash1

Other People that were part of

image: de dXc
image: de dimi
image: de snip0
image: de mTr aka port
image: de kwiQ
image: de sikZt aka kailyz
image: de kauby
image: de overkill aka taylor
image: de hYpa

thanks to everyone <3

Clanmeeting in Summer 2007 @ image: de Munich [ München ]
image: image_org
People who were on the meeting: image: de eXZ, image: de stath, image: de mezz, image: de sHiZo, image: de kauby

Where we've played:

- ClanBase OpenCup spring 2oo7
- ESL SummerCup 2oo7
- ESL Freizeitliga
- GET-Liga 6on6
- Liga4Fun 3on3

We want to thank:

- All Guys + Clans who supported us.
- All Idlers in our Channel.
- All Clans we've played against.
- Every single player who was part of us, we had a great time together. <3


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