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Today, I'm bringing you non other than one of the most active polish player and contributor among the community : Polandfanatic ! We're gonna go deeper into his past and current experiences as a player aswell as a person.

Hi! First of all fanatic, could you introduce yourself ?

Hello. My name is Kamil, I'm 19 years old, will be twenty in December 29th. I live in PolandPoznan and I'm currently finishing my school after 4 years of learning about IT.I have got some final exams this month and then I have 4 months of freedom.
Planning to start studying in October probably in the IT as well.

So you are computer sciences oriented, any hobbies ?

I like to play football and basketball, school winners with my class of basketball in last year! I also visit a gym few times a week and I've started running lately to get in a good shape before summer. I like to hang out with my friends in the evenings and hit some bears.

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Alright! Now speaking about online gaming, Enemy territory, when did the magic start ?

It was in 2006, my very good buddy, sao, showed me ET when we were chilling at home with pepsi and chips like 14 yo guys :D we played at some pub for few minutes and I liked it so he gave me it on CD so I can play some at home later. We were playing at pubs for few months and then I found out that one of my friends also plays ET but at more competitive level than we.
Shoutout to marley! He was a member of known polish team 4FuN so he introduced us another side of ET. We started to play with him some irc wars, meet more gamers etc.

And then came up the idea to start competitive gaming ?

Yeah indeed, pubs and irc wars became boring so I wanted something more. I joined my first team named "damage clan" in 2007 and played my first ETTV official which we lost of course. Later I played in another polish team - iNd with gRUCHA or baqs. After that I had some adeventure with energy-et with great guys like cisy, rocket or luckzor!
Besides that I met GrN, who played in some good teams like fAult or nyja and I started to play with him and spec his team to get some more gamesense.
I played in some better than low-pub-teams teams in the past like Europe re-play infinity, Europe tform @ myRev or Poland some1s but I wasn't that good back then so it wasn't anything serious for me. Just a few months of fun with very nice people which give me some experience.
But It all started with :h head-hunters team in 2010 when I joined them after playing few mixes with Elviss and belka. We went for a polish lan - EGU in May 2010 and after I had met them there and spent a very great time.
I stayed with them for a longer time, as you can see now for 2 years :) we started to play more serious after that polish LAN, we won OC premier, got into EuroCup and in this year dialer gave me a chance to represent Poland in NC. I was very glad that I got such a great opportunity to play in the most prestigious tournament.

You managed to play at high level, reaching Nations cup Grand final with Polandteam poland recently, ending up 2nd, congratulations, but what went wrong?

People were saying that we don't have any chance to reach something in this NC with such a low lineup but we gave our best and managed to beat NL, Finland or Beligum and we made it to Grand Final. But unfortunately UK was too good in this season and although we tried to win the first game in grand final to give spectators the best show, UK was too strong so we didn't even manage to win a map.But I'm happy about second place and it's a very good result for me as I'm a beginner in Team Poland lineup.

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For those who missed the Nc Grand final : and check replays here :

You rebuilt the former PolandtMoe line-up to strike back again this year, how is it going ?

After last EC and ESL season I wanted to try myself in some other team for next EC and BFB and I joined aToOn guys, played some games but it wasn't like in tMoe. Atmosphere and people in tMoe's lineup is always great and I don't feel that comfortable in any other team. So I decided to build a lineup once again, with some former players + team poland players and we're back again.
We all enjoy playing with each other very much and we've been playing together (not always as a team but we're mixing very often so that counts too) for such a long time that we already know where and how to play so it's easy to play.

Reaching Ec playoffs with them, do you feel confident ?

We haven't reached playoffs yet hehe, we still have to play our last game against former iR team, they are playing quite good and we can't underestimate them. But I think that if everything goes well like always, we will beat them so we will qualify to playoffs. It would be our first playoffs in EC as tMoe so we all look forward to them.
Speaking about playoffs, I played there once in last year's EuroCup with disQonnect - humm3L & co - shoutout to this team! - and we took 4th place so it would be great if I can repeat this achievement again in this year (maybe even top3 who knows), but this time with my polish buddies.

Let's speak about yourself now, you have been quite active on Anonymouscrossfire lately as a contributor, why did you start this ?

I used to write in the past for in 2008 and 2009. It was the biggest polish et site back then, every polish player visited it like they visit crossfire now. I was writing in Polish of course so I can't compare it with my crossfire work but still I gained some experience there. I decided to write some more for crossfire at the beginning of this year mostly because I wanted to train my english skills.
Besides that I like that organizational stuff, I've been managing tMoe for 2 years so I'm good at it. I started with some simply texts with games overview etc but lately I involved more and I think that I became one of the most active contributors on crossfire now. I hope that people enjoy my texts, I try to do my best everytime I write something.
It was also caused by R0SS who invited me to join to crossfire contributors team, which deals with cups and writing so I didn't want to disappoint him that's why I started to do/write more.

You're also helping clanbase out, what's your role on the organization ?

Due to my C&A profile I couldn't become ET supervisor so officialy I can't represent Clanbase. But I've been trying to help Goldorak with all the stuff tbh. I think it all started when I sent him some examples of EuroCup groups/seeds in last year to help him out with proper seeding. Later I started to talk with him more often, I'm giving him my advice about various problems. He assigned me as a referee so I'm also helping him with CB matches and refereing stuff.I've been giving him my advices as I have got a good knowledge of Enemy Territory scene and players so I hope i'm helpful with what I'm doing 8).

And we are thankful ! Thanks to PolandsonNy, polish lan is on its way at the end of july, are you attending ?

Yeah of course I'm attending. Last polish lan was held in May 2010 so it has been 2 years since last offline event, that's something for what all Poles have been waiting for. Taking into consideration fact that we are the best polish team it's a great opportuninty for us to win this event so we can't miss it. Though I'm not sure about our lineup yet,but by looking at the signups list atm we will be the favorites for sure.

Good luck with that ! there are doubts about what will follow regarding ET and its scene, what are your thoughts about the future of this game after those lan events? Do you expect anything special?

Well, as we can see we have two offline events coming this year so it's a very good thing for all ET players. Too bad they are scheduled so close to each other, because maybe more european teams would attend Cracov lan if it was held 1 or 2 months later. Many people say that ET is dead but come on, check how many players are still playing this game, we still have some big online tournaments like EC or latest BFB which was awesome cup. We have a good AntiCheat software, TZAC and thanks to it we don't need to be affraid about cheaters in officials. People still want to play this game, maybe we don't have so many top teams like we had in the past but it could be worse. s long as people will be involved in community's life, take care about this game and we'll take part in online competitions from CB, ESL and other leagues etc (so they will not stop hosting it) this game won't die because people still enjoy ET and love it. ;)

Good to know. Now let's start a bunch of short questions, quick answers !

Favourite drink ?

Jack + coca cola or mountain dew from soft drinks

Favourite food ?

chicken nuggets with potatoes

Any good movie ?

Law abiding citizen or 300 are one of my favorites

Music you're listening to lately?

House, rap, r&b or just pop from radio

what are you up to tonight ?

I will play some ET and later study for my tomorrow's exam.

Gaming related

Favourite video games ?
FIFA or NBA with my friends/brother.

Best aimer?


Best spammer?


Dream team ?

United Kingdomsqzz

Adroits winner ?

Anexis vs WinFakt! in the final but United KingdomR0SS&co should take it.

Multikill or double gib?


Favourite eSports character?

don't have any tbh

Nice to meet you and thank you for this interview !

Any shoutout ?

Your welcome sir! Shoutout to everyone who's been helping this community, to everyone from crossfire team. Of course thanks to all players with whom I've ever played with in the past (dat list is too long to name everybody sorry!), to devastation but special shoutout to :h/tMoe guys: belka, grzesiek, Elviss, hassan, hunter, zMk, sosi, ska and dialer and others.

Polandfanatic's profile to check his news :