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‘Enemy Territory has been blessed with an array of talented individuals, whether it be feruS, mystic, mAus or umm I don’t know... Night’. But why are these players superior to the rest of us, could it simply be greater hand eye coordination and/or a sharp mind? Another possible explanation is environment; everyone plays in a different environment. You get some players that are lucky enough to have an amazing setup with a pc that looks like it’s from the year 3000, on the other hand you get some players that play on a wooden pc in their shed and have the worse connection known to man, meaning they are about as hittable as Mohammed Ali on ice. Or it could just be down to practice, after all ‘practice makes perfect’.

Like in all walks of life, raw ability is a major factor. Some people just have better hand eye coordination, meaning they can get used to sensitivity quicker and track enemies with more precision and accuracy. On the other hand players like Night have the ability to think quickly and make important decisions in seconds. However experience is a massive factor that determines how smart a player is.

Some players have the luxury of playing on the top of a range pc with an insanely good connection, meaning they already have an advantage over other players. Likewise there are sure to be players out there playing on a 10 year old laptop using a single sheet of A4 for a mouse pad, a ballpoint mouse and a keyboard with sticky keys. It’s illogical to think that someone using this outdated equipment reaching only 25 fps isn’t at a serious disadvantage to someone with top range gear. Although some players have such a bad connection they are deemed impossible to hit, and in an fps it’s kind of important to be able to hit people with bullets.

Practice and ability go hand in hand, you can train as much as you like, but at the end of the day a midget isn’t going to play in the NBA. Although that is an extreme example, someone could have immense hand eye coordination but they aren’t going to beat someone that has played the game for years, when they have only played for a few days. Experience is vital for decision making and coping with pressure and experience only comes with practice, an example of this is UK rifle Koop who was abysmal in his first performance in NC with team UK, but this NC was vital to their success.

Another very important factor is the team surrounding the player, some players are great in one team but simply do not fit in others, for example Night wouldn’t be able to get away with half the stuff he does playing with Jaymoders, as they wouldn’t be covering him, also he would have to sacrifice many elements of his game to make up for other shortcomings in the team. To summarise; each of these categories tie hand in hand, because without each of these a player isn’t going to become great, without practice they won’t be able to utilise their ability and without a decent setup and connection, they will be disadvantaged to their counterparts.

What do you think determines a players skill?

ps: Apologies for any mistakes