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Black ops 2 has released and become one of the fastest selling pre ordered game of its time. I couldn't help but become one of the many to invest into the latest addition of Call of Duty, some of you may know I played Call of Duty 4 to a rather extensive level and well I thought I would give you the run through of my involvement within this game.

The clock struck 24:00 on the 13th of November and I was bubbling with excitement as the game became available to the mass public, after a couple of false starts I got my setup to something i was happy with and was ready to go. I joined into a party with Sacriel and Tommeh and we were away, I tended to pick the gun that had a lovely red dot site all pre-made for me with some form of AKish feel to it.

The pessimistic CoD4/ET player within me was looking for faults, was the game laggy? was the FPS bad? did it feel clunky and not developed to a competitive level? was the movement fluid… I couldn't find a fault, not on the surface.

The game ran well, my PC that is far from something new or of real worth could handle it, to something that felt close to 125fps, the visuals seemed impressive for the performance at a least. So there went one of my misconceptions, then on to the usual “clunky” movement that you are confronted with, there wasn't any… it was responsive and felt free enough to enjoy and move around with ease. The weapons worked well, they hit well with understandable amounts of recoil and spread, the hip fire left something to be desired but never the less was within reason. My one real issue were the maps, none felt correct for S&D but after enjoying them in a TDM style environment the worry left me and I was more presented with a point I've made in previous blogs…

Is S&D the best competitive mode?

Honestly I don’t believe it is anymore, the conventional game play of S&D is being out gunned by CTF, TDM or something faster paced. I have the genuine belief that S&D encourages the worst in gamers and rewards campy, slow and dull play. Yes don’t get me wrong, it did work in CoD4 to an extent and it does work in CS games but should it still apply to CoD now? No. I hated what CoD4 became, it became a boring waiting game of who watched the most demos and not who had genuine heart and talent. Anyone who played CoD “back in the day” will remember when the SMG was king and useful these days it’s near on impossible to use due to the evolution behind S&D game-play.

Agree or not if you played the game, would understand.

I look to game modes such as CTF as something that could really bring excitement and something new to CoD BlackOps 2, I know its been tried before and played in CoD2 and even in previous titles to a extent but would the “top players” of PC CoD be willing to start from scratch? I doubt it; I doubt they are willing to step away from the comfort of their game understanding. Those who play CTF or other heavy based team play modes such as ET has will understand how hard it is to grasp from playing something like S&D, its not simple, you have to be a unit a team and not the individual camping a corner for 4 mins.

I will expand on the game types soon but to get back to topic, I like CoD Black Ops 2. I think it has potential, real potential to be something more than the usual dull run of the mill CoD. I loved the amount of people who seemed to think its “just another CoD” its not. If you judge a book by its cover you’ll be missing out. Play the game, the feel of real Call of Duty is there. The feeling that makes me want to play the game, the feel that makes me want to improve and enjoy something fresh and see what this title can really bring.

Mark Pinney ‏@phantasyftw
"BO2 isn't that bad, the maps are shit because their level designers are terrible, but the movement/aim is pretty good. hope it takes off."

rEplan: same like mw2
rEplan: :S
Pansy // KaosTV #KUB: will you be playing it ?
rEplan: public game
rEplan: dunno yet
rEplan: hard to say

Pansy // KaosTV #KUB: thoughts on blackops 2?
LLL delroo: ddin't buy it

ANEXIS Stormy: havent played with bo yet

So pessimists out there… who have tried the game. What are your initial thoughts?