No this isn't about Hitler.

image: PC_Gaming_Master_Race_by_Claidheam_Righ

To move away from THAT master race i thought i would make a bit of a half blog half article about Call of Duty on the PC and the Xbox 360. This all starts with i47, the winter insomnia event held in Telford, where i Pansy was casting CS:GO with Machine..

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Now with the first 10 Hour day of CS:GO down i was missing my Call of Duty, it always happens... When i focus 100% on any game for that long i crave something different and originally we were in the room with the Call of Duty blackops 2 casters (on the xbox) but as we are loud and the more masterful race we got our own room so i already had the idea in my mind of creeping in to watch that.

The chance came in the way of knowing ReL one of the shoutcasters from WGLtv who were covering i47 (CoD:Bo2) on the xbox, now only after knowing him through his twitter after we stumbled into each other through our various mutual friends i plucked up enough courage to say hello and ask to sit in on one of his casts (just to watch and listen). After walking back into our original room that we may i remind you got ejected from clearly as we were the more attractive shoutcasters, i saw Matt "A_Spec" Hoving doing a small outro after a game. I couldn't help but enjoy having a good listen and wanted to see what ReL could bring.

Without dragging a hell of a lot of drama in here from the xbox community ReL was without a co caster so i got dragged into this, now keep in mind i had NEVER casted xbox CoD before, let alone two different game types and -1 player with shorter round times and loads of tiny differences that really do make you sound like a total idiot if you don't know what they are.

image: Xbox
A close depiction of me trying to join the lobby on xbox

So one thing the PC community has done for me is give me the gift of "filler" there was a good 45mins of warm up time that i did not need prior to starting this, it was between TCM & Fariko. Now both of these teams are well respected TCM probably more than any but Fariko were a great up and coming team really depicting what a underdog can do, so after stumbling from topic to topic to try and keep people interested i did eventually start grasping the idea of what the Xbox community was running with and boy was i in for a shock, read to the following page to find out as to why.