In an effort to revive the Articles section here on Crossfire (and maybe inspire others to do the same), I'm conducting a short series of interviews with some known - and not-so-known - ET players and admins.

My second interviewee is not only the leader of a top 3on3 & 6on6 team but also has some of the best movement skills around. He's a nice guy and one of my favorite players to watch on ETTV nowadays.

It's... Poland WuT!
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Hi, WuT! Could you please introduce yourself for those who don't know you?

Hello bros! My name's Damian, I'm 20 years old and I'm living in Gdansk which is located in the north of Poland. Currently I'm learning OSP and IT technician profession and in meantime I'm looking for a job as a warehouseman.

How long have you been playing ET? How did you get started?

I've been playing ET for like 8 years however for first 4 years I was only trickjumping on 2.55 and later on 2.6b. When I was in primary school my friend told me about this game and for me it was (still it's) better than CS.

When did you start using the nickname "WuT"? Where did you get it?

I started using "WuT" as my nickname after I moved on 2.6b and joined Trickjump Heaven clan. My previous nicknames were Mr.Uve and Yoshi. I just wanted something simple. At first it was "wut?" and I decided to tune it up a little (such masterpiece, much creativity, wow).

Do any of your real life friends know you play ET? If so, what do they think of it?

Maybe a couple of them know it and reaction is like: shitty graphics. Some people prefer graphics over gameplay and you can't do anything with it. Time is moving fast and so is technology which has impact on people's preference.

And have you ever met another ET player in real life?

Of course! I have met: Poland Abject, Poland xane, Poland LoCk, Poland book, Poland fwraven, Poland Arturinho, Poland Allowed, Poland Chmielek, Poland brAhi, Poland hienka. I'm going to meet Poland BloOdje in December. That drunk monster will kill me with his alcohol skills.

What other games do you play besides ET? Any console games?

Mainly LoL and CS:GO from time to time. Besides those 3 games I also play D3 when there is any major update. If it comes to console games, I've got ps3 and I'm not really using it as much as I used to. Sometimes I'm playing Little Big Planet 2 with my girlfriend. That game is awesome.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Somewhere in IT oriented job.

Have you ever used cheats in ET? How do you feel about cheating in general?

Long time ago before I started playing actively on etpro I was playing internals with stable 9 – 11 (coincidence?) polish people and yea sometimes we were doing stupid 5on5/6on6 wars as a snipers. From what I remember there were ban lists where majority of banned people were polish ones. You've got the perfect example that polish people tended to use cheats more often . I won't divide people between "lol rotflmao he used it when he was playing with cheater friends" and "lol rotflmao he used it on irc war/offi". Even if it's a single/multiplayer, cheating ruins fun of playing any game but using any kinds of cheats in a multiplayer game is plain stupid and immature. However there is one kind of people which I hate. There were players who were acting like: "Hey you're so fucking low, I'm owning you." Two or three times I had situation where such player was banned later on. In before: "once a cheater always a cheater" but I don't care what one thinks about me as long as I'm honest with you.

What are your thoughts on this "CWELAC" project? Have you used it at all? What do you think of the guys behind it?

To be honest, I've got mixed feelings about it. I haven't used it at all because I didn't want to. Though I know that Poland Abject, Poland jiN and Poland BloOdje tried it and for now it has some bugs that are being fixed, from what I heard. Success of this anticheat depends on Poland Sol itself because I don't know if he is as much dedicated as Poland LoCkheed. LoCk is a person who has great ideas when it comes to ET. Even though some players consider him a troll and (insert random insult here), he is a very nice guy with who you can talk about everything. If he decides to do something, he will do it and I trust him. I can't say anything about Sol because I don't know him and maybe this is the reason why I don't want to try it at this moment. I wish them success.

A large percentage of the ET community seems to have a lot of prejudice against Polish teams & players and PL.ET in general. I feel like Polish players get accused of cheating much more regularly than players from other countries, often simply because they're from Poland.

Does this bother you? Would you say it's an unfair generalization?

It doesn't bother me since we deserve such opinion. Like I wrote, there were always many polish players if it has come to banned players. In addition, Poles like to act stupid and have horrible behavior if it comes to international communication. I'm not saying that everyone is like that but on such people we're basing our opinion.

How do you feel about the current state of ET? What can be done to help boost activity?

Current state of ET is really poor and I respect everyone who tries to keep it alive as much as they can do. Maybe more ODCs, where you don't have to play supply/goldrush all the time, could help somehow with boosting activity for a shorter time. Properly made anticheat is a solution for a longer time.

How would you convince someone who has never played ET before to start playing it?

I don't really like convincing anyone to do what I'm doing. I'd just describe this game in general and send one or two fragmovies to show it. As I wrote, everyone has different preferences.

Can you give me an example of a frag movie you'd show them?

Mesq and Lio - Brothers in Arms

What would you say to someone who says "ET is dead"?

"People are still playing and enjoying it so it is not dead."

Some ex-players like to comment on crossfire: "ET is dead, nerds are still playing this, move to another game." If you are not playing this anymore, just leave and stop looking for attention here.

I did some research and discovered that you've never been to LAN before, not even one in your own country! Why not?

I used to change games a lot in past so if there was LAN (even in Poland) and I was nerding, for example, WoW: I couldn't care less.

(lalalala excuses)

Do you think that there's any chance of another ET LAN taking place? Would you go if there was one?

Maybe there is a chance for one lan which could take place in Holland and it would be cool to participate with Poles that I'm playing with right now.

What's it like being sponsored by DoubleDutchDragons? What exactly do you and your teammates get out of it?

Well we do not really get anything special out of it besides Netherlands timbo's naked photos every week <3.

You're one of the fastest players in the game, whether it's ETPro, TJMod, ETRun...

What's your secret? How did you get so quick?

As I wrote earlier, I was trickjumping for around 4 years. Starting from the beginning, I've been analyzing everything when I was jumping. If I couldn't do something, I tried to correct my mistakes. People tend to jump without paying attention on what they can improve.

Gamma jumps -> Originals with infinite stamina -> Originals without infinite stamina and movement on etpro.

Any advice for someone who wants to start trickjumping or just wishes he could move around maps more quickly?

I'd just explain here everything step by step but it is a topic that can be longer than five interviews. So I'll just give small three advices:

- If you have full stamina, hold sprint and while you are jumping, crouch in midair.
- If you don't have any stamina (the point is that you have got small amount of stamina but you can not see it), you have to time your sprint button properly and do not crouch in midair unless there is door on your way or something else.
- Try to use inequalities on ground for maintaining and increasing your speed.

(Ya I know, poor advices but there are some complicated things to discuss if it comes to perfect jumping on flat ground and trickjumping in general. For example Poland LoCk's incomplete article about movement:

Yeah, someone told me once that mid-air crouching makes you go faster, but I don't think that's true. It just uses less stamina than normal jumping, right?

If you want to know what is faster, I'll present it like this:

With stamina: Jumping and holding sprint, without crouching > Jumping and holding sprint, with crouching
I think that in this case it doesn't need an explanation. Have you ever seen someone who is doing trickjumps with mid-air crouching?
Nonetheless, while I'm jumping on flat ground, I use second option beacause I have stamina for like 5 jumps (if you hold crouch and sprint you don't lose your stamina = you save it) where in the first one, you have only for 3 jumps.

Without stamina: Jumping and timing your sprint button, without crouching > Jumping and timing your sprint button, with crouching
The situation here is the same but instead of second option, in previous example, I'll choose first one. Simply because I won't save any stamina with crouching. Go on the server and check how much stamina you need for one jump (provided that you're on full stamina and you're holding sprint with crouching). Use it all and check how much you've got it per every next jump. At this point, you've got only small remains of it and when you jump, you can't save stamina because you don't have anything.

What would you say is the ratio of time you spend trickjumping or speedrunning to the time you spend scrimming? Which do you prefer?

I'm neither jumping anymore on trickjump servers nor being active on speedrun servers. So it is like now I'm only "killing" people in ET. However, I prefer speedrunning over scrimming in ET but activity on vET ETRun is so low that I can't be arsed.

Speaking of speedruns, you'll be participating in my next speed cup, right?!

I'll participate unless I can find any other excuse :P

In August, you became an "Assistant" on GamesTV. What made you decide to help out? Do you have any plans to contribute in other ways in the future?

Firstly, I had a plenty of free time and I saw that there were many people spamming their links from gamestv on irc because they wanted their game to be opened. Secondly, you're more likely to play vs a cheater without gamestv. Let's say that it's a small protection against cheaters because they'll at least try to hide it on official game. Since these 3 months I played like eight normal irc wars. In two of them enemy team went full retard with aimbots.

In future, I shall conquer whole e-world so it's my small diversion. <evil_laugh.mp4>

Name one or two maps you'd like to see played more often.

6on6: missile_b3, karsiah_te2
3on3: te_escape2

You're currently participating in the our second 3on3 & 6on6 cup season at CG with Abject, BloOdje, hunter, jiN, and meehow. Can you talk a little about your experiences in these cups so far?

We're trying to be good but it's always hard when Poland BloOdje is drunk. We're not mad at him because he's a funny guy and a beast if it comes to aiming (even though he is our rifler). Situation is a bit complicated when Poland hunter is either drunk or after weed. From time to time there is tense atmosphere when we fuck up something. It's like when you steal a banana from 6 hungry monkeys.

How about some predictions for the current cups?

CG EU ET Season 2: 6on6 (Div 1)? Europe TAG
CG EU ET Season 2: 3on3 (Div 1)? Europe innerSense (- Estonia Hing)
TEAM-PHASE 3on3 ET Cup? Europe innerSense (- Estonia Hing)

What do you consider to be the biggest achievement or most memorable moment in your ET career?

Making Germany predi mad in 2010 because "some randoms whose accounts arent a half year old" won against him and Germany Kevji. On a serious note: in general playing 5on5/6on6's with Poland b2k (Poland l4z, Poland w1lko, Poland Abject, Poland mag, Poland syriusz) is something that I won't forget.

Oh right and sober Poland BloOdje on an offi.

And your biggest pet peeve in ET?

Playing random 6on6 mix where everyone is running like a headless chicken.

Most embarrassing moment?

Something similar to this:

But it was on adlernest and when I "took" the docs then I ran whole fucking map to transmitter. United Kingdom olas who had seen it didn't tell me about this because he decided that it's a nice run and he shouldn't have interrupted me...

Favorite map?


Least favorite map?


And some more favorites:

Favorite class? Engi
Favorite weapon? Sten
Favorite player? Estonia RELOAd
Favorite team? Poland Netrunners

Who do you think is the...

Best player in ET at the moment? Finland olBaa
Best aimer in ET at the moment? Poland Abj
Most underrated player? Belgium rapz
Most overrated player? United Kingdom razz :PpPPPPppppPPPPP

What's your "dream team"?

Estonia RELOAd
Estonia Night
Germany drago
Germany butchji
Sweden NuggaN
Latvia Clown

Final words? Any shoutouts?

I don't have any idea what to write because I'm tired so: shoutout to Netherlands DoubleDutchDragons fellas and thanks United States of America ohurcool for an interview.

Who would you like to see interviewed next?

Czech Republic BOBiKA image: 2H8A1gf or Netherlands aphesia!

Thanks, WuT!

image: eiKtUtG

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