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Grand Gaming - Well Played

3on3 ET Cup

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Hello, welcome ggwp is ready to go live

- This sunday 18/19cet'ish (could wait till 19for everyone to check-in etc.)
- Maplist , you choose with a comment on this post(example 2.deli 3.grush 4.adler)

Maps and servers are forced, with one exception , maps by choice in finals.

to signup

send an email to
Subject: Teamname
Body: lineup with countries + ur irc name
subject: cewege
body: irc:GGwp|seareal
Note: after sending the email, you must join #Grand-Gaming with the same nick on irc as in the email

no ettv, match can be watched live on the server, exceptions to this rule is made if both teams disagree about specs, or in finals.

a private ts3 server will be online for participating teams to use (easier support,checkins,cheater busting etc...).
the ts3 server ip adress will be forwarded to the signup requester's email inbox .

servers will be forced

Hacking is not allowed
All players must record demos
Both teams must have screenshots with visible guids and player names (if it comes to a protest)
Both teams should take screenshots at the end of the round.(if retard)
Specs allowed
"No-Show" after 10mins waiting for 3rd/Opponet on the server
"Forfeit win" not able to follow the rules
Side is allowed.

Cup will be played with Standard Single Elimination Brackets
Round Maps will be forced/raped
if the round ends up as a Draw, Decider round is played.
After winning the game, pm an admin with scores

Any kind of game interference, round restart,server disconnected, PM Admin

Any kind of game hacking will not be allowed.
to ban a cheater an .avi and the demo of the cheater's pov is required following by guid screenshots sent to an email adress if found guilty - ban.

No anticheat, cheaters will be IP banned from all the ggwp esport servers.


Hall of fame + ts3 srv/et srv/mumble srv/www srv/ + 300 ggwp points
Hall of fame + 200 ggwp points
Hall of fame + 100 ggwp points

goodluck and have fun

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Cheater free afternoon

irc: #Grand-Gaming @ quakenet , email:

cup start sunday 18cet/19cet - b there!
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