ESL Enemy Territory Revival Cup

ESL Enemy Territory Revival Cup

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Cup date: 30th of April, 20:30 CET (GMT +1)

Team format: 6on6

Additional information:
Broadcast: Yes
Shoutcast: No

The mappool for the ESL Enemy Territory Revival Cup:

6 x 1 Month ESL Premium codes

Round 1: radar
Round 2: sw_goldrush_te
Round 3: bremen_b3
Semi Final: both teams pick a map
Grand Final: both teams pick a map

United Kingdom MattjA
France crakage

Miscellaneous information:
Signups till 20:29 CET (GMT +1)
Check-in start from 20:00 till 20:29 CET (GMT +1)

If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin.

IRC channel: -
Sign up link:
Info & Details:
maps "fixed"

Schedule can still be changed to the liking of the community. If you have a better suggestion let me know!
round 1 radar is always nice in a one day cup, so it'll be nice here too. I'd say make round 3 bremen or gr (or even make round 3 radar for some interesting ETTV matches since I doubt round 1 will be broadcasted. then put bremen/gr as the R1 map).
I think this is indeed a better mappool. Teams are familiar with these maps, and supply will most likely be picked in the semi and grand final. I'll inform them about the schedule.
missile is a decent map :P
nice. will try to play with some team, though i'd reccommend just dropping out karsiah & missile and just using the standard 6 map rotation.

e: though it doesn't really matter til teams get to pick their own. gj timbo & esl guys.
sunday instead of wednesday would be nice
I don't know if the change of date is discussable. Most one day cups are indeed on sunday. If the date is discussable we can maybe get a poll going where people can vote for their preferred date.
and why would it be good? every cg match will get forced to sunday. people dont have time to play 1day cups then
1 may official holiday so the date is quite good
Nur in Deutschland glaube ich :D
Nice, gl! Won't be there to play though :(
would be avi for this

btw, what about AC - their own is broken? ;o
No, it's not broken. ESL Wire works for Enemy Territory. Purpose of the tournament is to raise the communities interest. I don't know whether Wire is going to be forced or not.
No wire is not going to be forced since the game section is not opened.
need more sign ups
terrible date :[ National drinking day
terrible date :[ Chelsea - Atletico game and drinking day as usual
finally a cup without this shit adler in first round !!
gg turbot cant play.. didnt notice that its National drinking day
"Typ: ET PB GUID (hinzufügen)
bei mindestens 6 Mitgliedern"

so basically they're forcing the members of a team to have PB guids entered in order to be able to sign up although PB hasn't been in use for years?
they should change the cup date... hosting a cup on walpurgis night wtf
mLG ready to take the pocal due to forfeits. ESL champs!
woah didnt see this in time :( to bad

but gl with it
when will be the next one ?
where is my premium now?? I won this
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