ET All Stars 2014

The Enemy Territory All Stars 2014 is an event where the best players of each European region will form a team to battle against other regions in a most exciting round robin and play-offs.

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Enemy Territory All Stars 2014


In this stage players are allowed to sign up for their region. Here are the requirements:
- Must have at least 1 EC in the period of 2005-2013;
- Be available during 8 - 15 June.


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- North (Blue);
- East (Red);
- South (Green);
- West (Light blue).

You are only allowed to sign up for the region you live in.

How to sign up?

You can sign up by sending a PM to me with the following information:
- Nickname;
- Teams you played or are currently playing for;
- Captain: YES/NO.

Election stage:

I will pick the four captain of each region.

- I will select a total of 15 players from each region based on experience and skill;
- A team can only have 10 players in their line-up;
- The captain will pick 4 players from at least 3 different nations of the total of 15;
- The community can vote for 5 players of the remaning players.

Round Robin

In this stage all the teams will play against each other. The scores of each team will decide their seeding number for the play-offs.


The playoffs stage will be ranked based on seedings from round robin. The matches will be a double elimination best of three. The grand final will be a best of five where the team that came from the upper bracket final have a one map advantage.


21 May - 1 June: Sign up stage;
1 June - 4 June: Voting stage for the players;
5 June: Teams announced;
8 June: Round Robin Semi Final matches (from like 19:00 CET - 23:00 CET);
10 June: Upper bracket final and lower bracket round 1;
12 June: Consolidation final;
15 June: Grand Final.

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For the ET All Stars cup CGAC will be mandatory and all matches will be covered through The standard 6on6 mappool will be used. Teams will select their map from the mappool they wish to play in the match.

  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • karsiah_te2
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te

Prize pool

You can help donate for this edition of the Enemy Territory All Stars. The money donated will go 100% to the prizepool of the ET All Stars.

50% of the money donated;
30% of the money donated;
20% of the money donated.

So for each €10,- each player is awarded:

Please be aware that a line-up consists out of 10 players. The captain can decide whether 6 players get a prize or all 10. The prize each player is given is based on the given percentage of the total amount of donations.

For donations to the prizepool please hit the link below. The donations will be 100% used for the prizepool. Thank you very much for the donations! Please do not forget to include your nickname in the donation message.

image: panel-36977866-image-92b8eaf60962f363-320

Please click this link for an overview of all the amazing people who donated!


If you have any feedback regarding the tournament you are more than welcome to give me this feedback on CrossFire or on IRC.

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gj Timbo, gl hf all
great job :)
what about at least one nc between 2005-2013?
+1, NC used to be more prestigious than EC I guess
what about both EC & NC?
using NC experience as a requirement is quite stupid as any country that can field a lineup can participate and most countries will just take anyone willing to play into their roster, meaning that all NC players aren't even OC 2nd div level

EC is a lot better requirement as only the best teams get to play it, even though getting into EC isn't much of a challenge anymore in 2k14 if you compare it to the earlier years
Agreed, there are only a few names I recognize when I look at the current NationsCup lineup on GTV
thank you twidim8 for your honest and informative reply, but you should know me good enough that i didn't really mean it honest ;)
fuck.. you totally got me with that one :D
so if you live in korsika you play for west and if you live in france you play for south?
No ETplayers live in corsica afaik
timbo edited it, c'est bon...
no allstars with out me , you never replied to my PM let me put a canada/usa lineup i have people that want to play
crumbled in fear
what is this blantant racism against the continent who saved you all from speaking german and saluting hitler
More like ET eu allstars but ok
QuoteMust have at least 1 EC in the period of 2005-2013

How many active NA players have played in EC?

Canada anim
Canada monkey
Canada rossko (inactive?)
Canada rockstAr (inactive)
United States of America pAuZ (inactive)
Should I make an all stars cup with the requirement of at least 1 TWL Alpha season?
I know thinking is hard for you but damn...
Go for it. I'm sure it will work out great!

A team of NA "all stars" wouldn't stand a chance versus any of the European all star teams anyway. You guys will talk shit the entire time leading up to the matches (and probably during and after the matches as well) then just end up forfeiting/noshowing to avoid actually losing a game. Easier for everyone if you just sit this one out and let the actual all stars play.
Burns have been made.
All the more reasons why it should be called eu allstars, which is what I said initially, but you are yet again missing the point. Just because you can reply doesn't mean you should.
So it's the name of the event that bothers you? Really? :D
last time we talked shit the entire time we shit slammed Sweden into next week and that was with godfather and I playing, after not touching the game for 3 months. Joker help a nigga out with the stats from that match I think I outdamaged half of sweden, including weslan who plays 55 hours a week lmao
Playing with Canada anim in every match pretty much negates any bragging rights from last NC season, and there is a difference between competing versus a team of players from one nation and a team of all stars from an entire region. No mix of players from Canada and USA would be able to hold its own in this tournament.
bullshit i bet they would compete
lol... No. The only two decent players you've got left are anim and monkey and neither even remotely able to carry 4 of you shitbags.
a team of kardon anim joker monkey detdet and some other 5th would compete. Not saying they would win, but they wouldnt get steamrolled
Seriously? Anim and Monkey are the only players in that LU that are even remotely close to allstar skill, the rest are ~med and would be steamrolled
who are the two best smg players for USA at the moment (in your opinion)? Is it joker and kardon?
define smg? Like damage or objective based
I would say kardon for objective, and even tho it pains me to say it End is prolly above joker, but joker is definitely a smarter player so Id take him.
cool well some of these dudes probably hate each other but an evenly picked "americas" team would be something like (imo)...

Canada bN
Canada monkey
United States of America kardon
United States of America joker
Chile hanS
Chile m@x

Now you could swap m@x with mGza/nozz or merce and then joker/kardon with detdet/ceres if you wanted a different rifle to m@x. Then again, each all star team has ten players so the possible combinations could be extended.

The above team (if they all decide to not hate on each other in vent/mumble) would play well vs south or east imo.
hanS is a cheater + bad/nobrain
merce lol we'd all be playing on a chilean server
u all suck dicks (-anim) shut it alredy
How can you say that with the lineups that are posted? Did you actually go to the voting page and look at the players available for Team South? East and North also have some weak links on their teams. A few years back, it would surely be rape if a Team NA were to face a European team, but not in 2014.

And to be clear, I'm not saying that a Team NA would win anything - I'd expect 4-0 to anything but south, but I don't think you can say they'd be raped so badly that it would be a mistake to let them compete, despite the EC requirement.
QuoteHow can you say that with the lineups that are posted? Did you actually go to the voting page and look at the players available for Team South? East and North also have some weak links on their teams.

usohurcoolREPLY 28 May 2014, 23:16
ET All Stars Captains & Lineups
by timbolina • 1 Jun 2014, 09:23 • News
ET All Stars Community vote
by timbolina • 1 Jun 2014, 14:37 • News

QuoteA few years back, it would surely be rape if a Team NA were to face a European team, but not in 2014.

And to be clear, I'm not saying that a Team NA would win anything - I'd expect 4-0 to anything but south, but I don't think you can say they'd be raped so badly that it would be a mistake to let them compete, despite the EC requirement.

Just because so many skilled players from Europe have quit playing or have chosen not to participate doesn't mean that there are suddenly 10 NA players qualified to play in this sort of event.

Skill level aside, it would be a mistake to let a team of NA "all stars" compete because most of the current active members of the NA community have proven again and again that they have no respect for the rules or for others. Why should players who have spent the last 2 NC cup seasons smurfing, forfeiting matches, and flaming literally everyone be invited to participate in a tournament like this?
why not? Shit talking has been a part of any thing considered competitive. Certain Europeans (ie all of Sweden) need to grow up and learn to either ignore or give it right back to us.
Nope, that's not how it works, and no other team or group of players does as much "shit talking" as you all do. It's actually a bit odd to behave like that and still get upset when you're not included in these sorts of events.
also is it fair for certain nations to be allowed to use banned cheaters in matches against us?
Like who? No one has ever been "allowed to use banned cheaters" in a NationsCup. If you're talking about Sweden, Weslann wasn't caught cheating until after NC was over, and it's not likely that he was using cheats during the cup anyway (not that I'm defending him - he is an idiot).
"Only players who get a lot of damage can discuss other players' skill levels."
Only players who have beat someone thats worth beating can discuss others skill levels, when you cant even beat a low mix lol
Who have you defeated "thats worth beating" recently? Every decent opponent you're matched up with ends up winning by noshow or forfeit. I guess it's easier to brag about being "undefeated" and such when you never play versus any skilled teams.

You can deflect all you want, but regardless of how good or bad I am you and the guys you play with do not belong in this tournament.
What was the point of playing a match when our rnade was banned for playing in the canada match? i dont remember seeing bape on either. As far as everything else you can look that up for yourself i beat your idols the people you want to be lol. I heard all about you how you brag about "saving et" , thats why you became an admin so addicted to a game you suck at you had to do something to stay relevant kill yo self
Haha, it seems I struck a nerve. Try embarrassing yourself a little less and actually playing versus good opponents a little more, and maybe you'll make it into next year's All Stars cup.
Who have u ever beaten thats worth to beat? Who the fuck are u even lol
QuoteJust because so many skilled players from Europe have quit playing or have chosen not to participate doesn't mean that there are suddenly 10 NA players qualified to play in this sort of event.

>skilled players from europe stop playing
>still lose 3on3 5th divison and 6on6 4th division

You aren't even competition for anyone in team United States of America usa or team Canada canada. You get shit on by tomun lol
Do you have anything actually relevant to contribute, or are you just here to continue awkwardly trying to hurt my feelings? :P I'm sorry that you are so easily upset by words on the internet, but everything I've said here is true.
Just pointing out the lowest player in NA judging everyone else's skill. Keep rollin on that wheelchair
isn't it past your bedtime? don't make me call mommy
east and north dont have any standout players could go 4-2 either way
It has always been called "ET Allstars (insert year)" and has always had North/East/South/West EU only players/teams... you guys have run your own allstar cups before (I mean shit you played in them), so what is the problem?

Do you just think it is a time for change (because the community is so much smaller now etc)?
Yea... It would be different if USA/CAN didn't have 6 that could compete for example a team with ohurcool but we have 6 that could play vs those teams and win.
show match incoming imo!
atlantic battle! NA vs EU over and over till NA wins. EU cant use same players twice. Over/under 10 games?
dude, like 10 years ago, when people actually played ET in NA, you were raped like hell by EU.

NA never had the skills, and nothing changed. Deal with it.
Love it how this page started about the ET All Stars and ended with ohurcool not belonging on the NA team. Fu guys
lol well I wont discuss his skill level, but its dumb that he believes NA players should be barred from playin because they "talk shit" but has no problem with cheating fat slobs like weslann get onto allstar teams lol. The only person who goes out of his way in NA to talk shit in every match is me and I played 1 war the past 6 months. Hes just feelin some type of way he wouldnt get near a 3rd string na team
I've never said that NA players should be "barred from playin", just that a team of North Americans does not belong in this tournament. Participating in cups like this one should be a privilege, not a right, and as I've already said you guys have successfully proven many times in many matches that you do not deserve a spot (not to mention the skill gap).

I was also never fine with allowing Weslann to compete and would be interested in learning how you managed to come to that conclusion.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) NA #1
practicing everyday wont save you from the inevitable EAST/NORTH/SOUTH going down easily you can always blame high ping if that makes you happy show match we up in here, dont listen to this judas of ohurcool he is a foul do not judge a whole community upon a single man word especially if it comes from the guy who cannot get a single kill without saving his full sprint bar
tldr; ohurcool garbage player whose mother wished she got an abortion. No one on our side of the world likes him so he spent some time sucking euro dicks to become admin so people would need him. Spent so much time typing out angry paragraphs on crossfire/gtv he has accrued 240lbs body fat (108kg for you euros) and needs a wheelchair to get about. Your head admin ladies and gentlemen
Can't tell if super mad but thanks for the entertainment :D
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